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Tom Shea, an adjunct, non-resident senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, is widely recognized as an expert in nuclear disarmament verification, non-proliferation and international safeguards.

He specializes in pragmatic yet innovative approaches to verification, and has been honored for his work on Iran, the Trilateral Initiative, on a future FMCT, and on IAEA inspections in complex plants processing weapon-usable plutonium and highly enriched uranium in civil facilities, and how those measures might be applied in the context of nuclear disarmament.

Shea is currently the principal investigator in a FAS study supported by a MacArthur Foundation grant on the relevance of nuclear powered naval vessels to non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament.  He is co-authoring a book with Laura Rockwood (Executive Director of the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation titled A Comprehensive Framework for Nuclear Disarmament.

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