COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force

As policymakers move forward in addressing the coronavirus pandemic, they need access to timely and accurate information and expertise. The Federation of American Scientists has assembled teams of world-class experts on the various facets of this outbreak. If you are a policymaker, submit your question below and choose to either receive a written answer from the experts or be connected with an expert for a one-on-one consultation. You can see the partial list of our experts by navigating over the images below.

Navigate over the cards below to view the partial list of COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force experts


Kristian Andersen, PhD

Scripps Research Institute

Meike Dittman, PhD

New York University Langone Health

Tracey Goldstein, PhD

UC Davis

Yonatan Grad, MD/PhD

Harvard University

Scott Kenney, PhD

Ohio State University

Dylan Morris, PhD

Princeton University

Pardis Sabeti, MD/PhD

Harvard University

Qiuhong Wang, PhD

Ohio State University

Public health

Sharon Abramowitz, PhD


John Brownstein, PhD

Harvard University

William Hanage, PhD

Harvard University

Syra Madad, DHSc

New York City Health + Hospitals

Maia Majumder, MPH/PhD

Harvard Medical School

Lina Moses, MSPH/PhD

Tulane University

Saskia Popescu, MPH/PhD

George Mason University

Monica Schoch-Spana, PhD

Johns Hopkins University

Leana Wen, MD

George Washington University

Infectious disease medicine

Nahid Bhadelia, MD

Boston University School of Medicine

Megan Coffee, MD/PhD

New York University Langone Health

Peter Gulick, DO

Michigan State University

Michael Saag, MD

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Joseph Vinetz, MD

Yale School of Medicine


Robbie Barbero, PhD

Ceres Nanosciences

Alex Greninger, MD/PhD

University of Washington

Sri Kosuri, ScD

Octant Bio

Trevor Martin, PhD

Mammoth Biosciences

Emily Oster, PhD

Brown University

Stephanie Rossow, DVM/PhD

University of Minnesota

Michael Wells, PhD

Broad Institute



Treatments and vaccines

Barry Bloom, PhD

Harvard University

Wilbur Chen, MD

University of Maryland

John Cumbers, PhD


Jacob Glanville, PhD

Distributed Bio

Jill Horowitz, PhD

Rockefeller University

Peter Hotez, MD/PhD

Baylor College of Medicine

Nicholas Mark, MD

Swedish Health Services

Stanley Perlman, MD/PhD

University of Iowa

Mark Sloan, MD

Boston Medical Center

Supply chain

Nancy Connell, PhD

Johns Hopkins University

James Hasik, PhD

George Mason University

Lauren Sauer, MS

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Crystal Watson, DrPH

Johns Hopkins University



Analytics, big data, and technology

Sunita Dodani, MD/PhD

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Tyrone Grandison, PhD

Data-Driven Institute

Jim Hendler, PhD

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ali Mostashari, PhD

LifeNome, Inc.

Beth Noveck, JD

New York University

Ashkan Soltani, MS

Soltani LLC


Amir Bagherpour, PhD


Gil Eyal, PhD

Columbia University

Jen Golbeck, PhD

University of Maryland, College Park

Beth St. Jean, PhD

University of Maryland

Societal impacts

Michelle Birkett, PhD

Northwestern University

Ellen Kuwana, MS

We Got This Seattle

Jaimie Meyer, MD

Yale School of Medicine

Greg Millett, MPH


Sarah Soo-Hoo

Columbia University



International implications

E. William Colglazier, PhD

Center for Science Diplomacy

Shobitha Parthasarathy, PhD

University of Michigan

Jennie Ward-Robinson, PhD

University of Massachusets Amherst

Lindsay Wiley, JD/MPH

American University

If you have questions about the FAS COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force, kindly email us at