A Nuclear Safety Wake Up Call for Japan and the World

On March 11, Japan experienced its worst earthquake in the 140 years of recorded history of earthquake measurements and may have started to suffer from its worst—to date—nuclear incident. As I write in an analytic and opinion article for foreignpolicy.com, it appeared as of March 11 that the worst-case accident involving a reactor meltdown and substantial release of radioactive materials to the environment would likely be averted. But as the news has unfolded on March 12, the situation has worsened with reported high radiation levels and an explosion at the nuclear plant’s site.


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Happy 20th Birthday, Captain Planet!

Twenty years ago, Captain Planet—Earth’s greatest champion—burst from the Earth for the first time on television. When it was broadcast during the 1990s, it inspired millions of kids in about 100 countries to protect the earth, to become more energy efficient, and to understand, respect and cherish cultural diversity.  Many of those children who watched this show during the 1990s are now adults. They are proud to call themselves Planeteers and will become the next generation of leaders who understand the importance and urgency of saving Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. Continue reading