Eight Recommendations for Improving Transparency in US Arms Transfers

Transparency is essential for effective congressional and public oversight of the arms trade, and the US government is widely (and rightly) praised for its reporting on arms exports. Yet there is also significant room for improvement. Reporting on US arms exports and international arms transfers funded or authorized by the US government is often incomplete, unclear and hampered by overly aggregated data. The Obama Administration is clearly committed to improving transparency in government. Whether this commitment will translate into meaningful improvements in data on the arms trade remains to be seen. The latest FAS issue brief provides eight recommendations for improving transparency in US arms transfers. Implementing these recommendations would correct many of the problems with current reporting practices.

Click here to download the issue brief.

One thought on “Eight Recommendations for Improving Transparency in US Arms Transfers

  1. I am definitely interested in how the Obama Administration will maintain the increase of transparency while also increasing (or at least not harming) home land security. So far so good. The recent discussions regarding our nuclear arms supplies definitely tests this idea.
    Glad I stumbled here. Interesting posts. I will check back.

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