Photos of Seized Weapons Highlight the Importance of Stockpile Security

by Matt Schroeder


Photos of firearms seized from criminals in Colombia are poignant reminders of the importance of strong controls on government arsenals.

The photos, which were provided to the FAS’ Arms Sales Monitoring Project by the Colombian National Police, are of firearms reportedly seized in the department of Narino from a paramilitary group called the Organizacion Nueva Generacion (New Generation Organization). The weapons include an H&K G3 assault rifle apparently diverted from the “Guardia Republicana de Peru” (Republican Guard of Peru), an Argentine-manufactured FN rifle, an Israeli Military Industries (IMI) Galil rifle bearing the initials “P.N.C” (Policia National de Colombia) and an FN FAL rifle stamped “Fuerzas Navales de Venezuela.” The only weapon that does not bear markings of a government agency is an old Interdynamic KG-99 sub-machine gun.

The document from which the photos were taken provides no additional information the source of firearms or how and when they entered the black market. Most of the weapons appear to be quite old and in poor condition. Nonetheless, they do underscore the risk of diversion from government arsenals and the need for robust stockpile security.


G3 Peru

G3 Peru 2


FAL modelo

Venezuela 2


Argentina 2

Argentina 3

American submachinegun

American submachinegun 2


Galil 2

One thought on “Photos of Seized Weapons Highlight the Importance of Stockpile Security

  1. The situation of the lack of personal security in all South and Central American Countries is alarming, due to the respective governments failure to improve the living conditions and education of their citizens, the easy access to firearms and the corruption within the Police, the Attorney General office and the Judiciary.
    The lack of confidence of the citizens that their own government officials will do anything to help them. make them resort to criminal methods to help themselves, given that the Institutions supposed to take care of Law and Order and insure safety and security have failed. Foreigners are the prime target due to the malfunction of said institutions and there is no where to direct ones claims to. The corrupts stick together and help each other.

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