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New Air Force Instruction on Geospatial Intelligence

The U.S. Air Force this month issued new guidance on “Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT).”  See Air Force Instruction 14-132, August 10, 2012.

The Instruction mandates that “All GEOINT activities will be conducted in compliance with applicable laws, policies, and directives.  They will be conducted in a manner that ensures legality and propriety and that preserves and respects privacy and civil liberties.”

4 thoughts on “New Air Force Instruction on Geospatial Intelligence

  1. It’s already too late. A couple of decades have gone by to allow them to learn now to deceive and manipulate information that they obtain. Not to mention the Air Force’s method of leadership, which is us first. My neighbor, who moved off the base so his kids could shoot guns in the backyard, they’re underage and it violates local laws, recently dumped a dog that was “rescued” by a neighbor. Him and his sons, ran it down the boulevard, they could have asked me to restrain the dog from following as I was watching, until it ran away. Now, the neighbor who rescued it wasn’t really that good at taking care of the Dog. The Dog was an all around victim in all of this. But the Air Force guy’s wife has a home based child care and didn’t need to be bothered by his neighbor’s “rescue” pit puppy. If they can’t face problems and solve them in real life, as far as I know they didn’t tell the neighbor, how the hell do you think they are going to use that info in space. This is only anecdotal compared to the real evidence that this is a sham. But reporting like this will get you into bed with the EFF and The Times.

  2. Dear Pamela Curry;
    Having been involved with both the US Air Force, And the US Navy for most of my life, As well as the “General citizenry” I would like to take this opportunity to reply to your ‘comments’.
    Yes, indeed there are people in branches of our military that are insufferable asses. These can be found lurking about in both enlisted and officers’ sides of the fence. After all- putting on a uniform does not really change the person. However to condemn the entire service for the actions of ONE individual, is a little over reaching. Example: I have a neighbor that has never been in the military. He is a civilian. This Civilian guy drinks, beats both his wife and kids. One night, in a fit of drunken rage, he beat his daughter’s dog to death. A number of other neighbors are terrified of him. The civilians’ wife has the bruises and scars all over her, and these marks are in plain sight. This civilian also works for a well known company that publishes satellite images–to the world. What images does this company get and what do they do with the ones that have something that might be incriminating to other people? —Do you see where this is leading?
    I am not guilty, by association, or fact with this person that has caused you to feel as though your dignity has been violated. Your condemnation of the whole is as incorrect as condemning a whole person because they have a growth on their nose. We try to be as “proper” as we can, but it is impossible to conform to an exact set of ‘norms’ that satisfy all expectations of all people — at least until we find a way to make all people conform to ONE set of rules, and then move those rules to the military. Please remember: in the military, there exists a large cross section of the populace, and we are still humans. Humans are not perfect. Go find a mirror.

  3. I’m a critic of FAS on a regular basis. What’s the real reason John Pike left. THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, Geneva published an informational Flyer in the 1980’s on the militarization of space. I referenced it in a lawsuit. The first suit of it’s kind I brought alone, that is by myself walking 30 miles one day just to file a paper, about Retaliations using Data obtained from Satellite sureillance.
    I’ve had this obsession about learning FACTS about technology abuse since I was a child when I saw my Uncle the ex-Marine become mentally ill.

    Anecdotal…I’m sad for the dog people for people like you and him.
    No mirror needed, cowards are made not born and heroes are only in your mind. My own search for facts left me in streets beaten almost to death by an ex member of a foreign military, who IA in a foreign country told me was provoked by my own govt’s use of satellite systems. I had an uncle lifetime military served in Vietnam when he came back worked as some kind of auditor, discovered fraud amongst his fellow “military” that drove him to depression. I have been privy to many anecdotal incidents.

    I do apologize Stephen for coming out on the FAS website but I would rather be writing than Painting for you. FYI

  4. It’s too bad those anecdotal incidents left you paranoid and incoherent, because whatever point you had is overshadowed by your bitter rage, illogic and vague references to things that happened to you.

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