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Congress Calls for Accelerated Use of Drones in U.S.

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A House-Senate conference report this week called on the Administration to accelerate the use of civilian unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or “drones,” in U.S. airspace.

The pending authorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration directs the Secretary of Transporation to develop within nine months “a comprehensive plan to safely accelerate the integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system.”

“The plan… shall provide for the safe integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system as soon as practicable, but not later than September 30, 2015.”

The conference bill, which still awaits final passage, also calls for establishment of UAS test ranges in cooperation with NASA and the Department of Defense, expanded use of UAS in the Arctic region, development of guidance for the operation of public unmanned aircraft systems, and new safety research to assess the risk of “catastrophic failure of the unmanned aircraft that would endanger other aircraft in the national airspace system.”

The Department of Defense is pursuing its own domestic UAS activities for training purposes and “domestic operations,” according to a 2007 DoD-FAA memorandum of agreement.  (“Army Foresees Expanded Use of Drones in U.S. Airspace,” Secrecy News, January 19, 2012.)

Update: In the recently enacted FY2012 National Defense Authorization Act (section 1097), Congress mandated that “the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall establish a program to integrate unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system at six test ranges.” This new test range program is supposed to be established within 180 days.

As of 2010, hundreds of FAA authorizations had already been granted for use of unmanned aerial systems within U.S. airspace.

186 thoughts on “Congress Calls for Accelerated Use of Drones in U.S.

  1. One would think that these Congress critters would have watched the movie “The Terminator” and would want to avoid what was hatched? Of course, that would require intelligence on their part, which seems sorely lacking at present. A preview of the dumbing down of the education system in the U.S.A.

  2. I remember to so-called privacy advocates were howling and gnashing their teeth when Bush implemented the Patriot Act.

    Obama had signed the continuation of the Patriot Act, but have gone FAR beyond Bush in clamping down on our privacy, yet the so-called privacy advocates that howled when Bush was president are conspicuously silent now that Obama is president.

  3. …because they want to be able to kill you in your house with a drone when you rebel against the facsist tyranny they are implementing.

  4. We vote Obama out of office. If Obama is re-elected, make sure you’ve stocked up for the collapse.

  5. Welcome to the United Police States of America.

    How about we let the middle east rot and not keep invading our freedoms. Our government is out of control.

  6. Exactly what do they plan to use these drones for? Training and undisclosed “operations”?

    Were there any committee hearings? Doesn’t Congress have those anymore, other than Fast and Furious? This stuff just slips through with no discussion with the citizens. What are we, mushrooms?

  7. Man the government is scared of its own citizens (sheeple/slaves)

    It must suck to think everyone is out to you..paranoia will destroy ya

  8. Drones kill many innocents. Is this congress on drugs? Drunk?
    Stupid? Bought off? Taking kick-back money from the drone makers?

    We always have something to fear. Why?

  9. WOW. Unmanned aerial vehicles in US airspace with references from the Department of Defense for “domestic operations”? Is no one paying the **** attention? This isn’t for our safety, people. This is to clamp down on people who tell the truth and refuse to go along with the program.

  10. It’s because they cannot trust that the military will back them up. Too many “oath keepers” that will side with the civilians. So they keep a few “loyalists” and have them run the drones.

  11. I agree. Any drone that catches a Congress member guilty of dereliction of duty, gross negligence or failing to fulfill their duties as an elected member of office serving the people should immediately take care of them.

  12. You guys do realize that only a few UAV models actually carry missiles right?
    You realize that UAVs are primarily reconnaissance aircraft that can’t do anything but look around and be sputtering flying lawn mowers?

    They’ll spy on you visually all right, but they won’t magically blow up your house. In my opinion police forces using a UAV as overwatch instead of a helicopter is more economical. Less people in the air, more people on the ground stopping a speeding driver…or entering your home.

  13. When these losers are out of office we can use the drones–now under our control–to monitor their behavior.

  14. UAV’s are not going away. The range of their possible applications is limited only by imagination at this point. I believe the intent here is to safely integrate their operation in the U.S. airspace with manned flight operations. For those of you unfamiliar with aviation, this process is vital for safety. UAV’s are flown using GPS for guidance and positioning, however they only have limited fields of view via cameras for sense and avoidance of other aircraft. Combine this with different control systems (most of their operators don’t use stick and rudder controls), and some form of new rules are going to be needed to guarantee safety from collisions. Terminator is a frightening prospect but we are an awful long ways from some entity being able to seize control over everything. We don’t have all encompassing networks that can access “everything”. For good reason. Anyways, there will be alot of economic, scientific, and military potential for these in coming years. There will be alot of jobs associated with civil UAV operations. You need people to build them, people to fly them, people to plan missions and ops, people to maintain them, and people who purchase the information collected or services provided by them. My main concern is to prevent police agencies from having the power to perform nonstop citywide surveillance operations on the public in the name of crime prevention. If you want to prevent crime, let the populace legally arm and defend themselves unhindered. Another topic I guess.

  15. Any one remember the song American Pie “the day America died” comes to mind with everything going on by our own govt.

  16. It would be one thing if they were intended to strictly monitor the borders for our nations security; but I think we all know better. This is not for the safety of citizens, but the safety and security of those who hold power in DC.
    The paranoid pols are afraid of the peaceful protestors seeking restoration of Constitutional rights, not those seeking more government intervention and excessive redistribution of wealth.

    I suspect anyone regarded as a threat to those who seek an expansion of govt will be in some way monitored to assure they remain as neutralized as possible. Of course, expect this to be promoted in the name of homeland security.

  17. WTF is it with leftists and their police states? Can’t they just back off for a change, or does it always have to be more monitoring, more intrusion, more control?

  18. By civilian, I hope this means citizens would now be allowed to operate drones to recon the unthinking operatives of the Police State? Like the thugs “protecting” the SuperBowl.

    Hey, if they’re not doing anything wrong then they have nothing to hide. Right?


  19. The net is set. Try to get out of it. Those with money, the top 1 percent, are leaving America in record numbers according to the census bureau.

    We are being watched, recorded, photographed, and our electronic communications are feed into a large database we all now have.

    Every week, we hear about Google, Apple, DHS, etc. all increasing their spying on us. All data is subject to a warrant.

    SOPA PIPA ACTA are bills that will kill free speech on the Internet, ACTA has passed and is very powerful.

    YOU can do nothing. You are now a subject, not a citizen. The day will come when tanks roll down your street and at your front door will be the men in black asking for your guns and ammo. Once those are handed over, so will be your freedom.

    The net has been set. The trap that will hold you in place. Four more years of increasing tyranny….will you vote for it?

  20. I feel so much safer!

    Thank goodness Congress is responding to the public’s demands for more drones to spy on them!

    Praise be the Congress, and how dare anyone question anybody in government or in uniform…though i wish they’d be honest and dress like clowns!

  21. With a approval rating of less than 10%, if you were a part of the congress, you would be spying on your constituents too…LOL

  22. And let us not forget that each household has been marked with GPS coordinates from the last census….how convenient.

  23. Haven’t citizens always been subject of their rulers?

    Soldiers, marines, seamen, and airmen are human beings too. I think the gap between military and civilian is way too wide. Civilians, people without the oath to defend anything with their lives, typically think that we military types are all mindless killing machines.

    And you are a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I bet you think you sound smart.

  24. I wonder if CONgress knows something the rest of us peeons do not? Like maybe things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better? NDAA? SOPA anyone? Hmmm

  25. THAT”S WHY they are using drones and robots. There are those whose psychological profile will allow then to pull the trigger on Americans, that’s who controls the drones and robots. You will not be called up to shoot Americans, you will be used to keep order after the next false flag. I bet you think you sound smart.

  26. You really have no idea.

    You really, really don’t. You, sir, are so very far down the hole that solidifies my argument against the military-civilian gap. You literally do not have a clue.

    Good day.

  27. I thought these people were elected by us to serve us, what are they so afraid of that the constitution and bill of rights are violated daily to protect whom or what, and spy on us? Adams and Franklin were absolutely right “when you trade freedom for security you have neither”. Or is this a prelude to a national emergency where rights and elections are suspended in order to protect whom from whom?
    And to those of you that think most uav’s are unarmed, keep drinking kool-aid! The next item on his wish list is the 2nd amendment. Then
    having served their purpose(the press) the first amendment goes.

  28. I feel so much safer.

    Especially because Congress is responding to citizen demands that they be spied on…

  29. American society is corrupted at all levels. I firmly believe there is nothing worth saving. I saw this mess coming 27 years ago and took action to cover my family. I’ll be watching the mess unfold on tv.
    Act 1 Scene 1 The Police State. Action!

  30. We are so terrorized that our government feels it must watch EVERYTHING! Once this paranoia is institutionalized it takes a revolution to change.

  31. Will enough people snap out of their 4 year trance long enough to prevent Obama the Destroyer from completing his stated objective? His “fundemental transformation” is our Constitutional destruction. Make no mistake, and start taking this sometimes confusing process (election cycle) as seriously as our enemies. You may be witnessing the end of our Republic as Franklin, and others, feared. Along with their brilliant and immutable document the Constitution, they gave us succint directions and some remedies in sustaining our Republic from attack, such as the one the Left has been waging against us for last 100 years, starting (and continuing) with the so-called ‘Progressives’. Another 4 years of the commited Marxist Obama and the stake will be driven through ‘Lady Liberty’s’ broken heart. I, for one, will go down defending her!

  32. Now do you understand why census takers stood on each doorstep of each American home they visited and took,electronically, a GPS reading (exact coordinates) of your home’s location? Americans, why have you become so complacent and accepting of the enemy within your perimeters?

  33. To Soo tobe Expat, this was forseen (and warned against) 225 years ago by our Founders. A moral and pious nation is required to pull it off.

  34. To fOrTyLeGz, the appropriate condition is for government to fear the public. This is absolutely the correct and ONLY circumstance that can allow our Republic and our liberty to survive Obama’s tyranical onslaught. DO NOT let them disarm us! Fear not, people!

  35. With infrared cameras attached they will likely be able to see where you are in your house. Probably be able to tell when your getting it on with your significant other.

    But that’s okay, many fire departments already have equipment that can do that. I bet that makes the TSA so jealous.

  36. Since Obama has a hit list with American names on it which Carney said he will not reveal, how long will it be before Obama uses a UAV drone to kill an American in America?

    What’s really amazing about the Obama Police State is that Congress and the courts have upheld it and just in this case, advanced it.

    Can you imagine how much worse Waco would have been had Obama been in power with drones overhead?

    What will happen to you if your name accidentally winds up on the wrong list? Just as there are many wrong door kickins by the police / feds who have the wrong address…

  37. Nobody bring up the fact that this president used A DRONE in afganistan to assasinate an AMERICAN citizen and suspected terrorist last summer, and we also have National Defense Aithorization Act that declares the us a battleground. We are all now Citizen Suspect! Drastic changes are needed in thia country, but i better be carefull, i may wake up in the morning and not be here… they are plugging in my GPS now… welcome to the State of America!

  38. there will be a time not so far away into the future when people would want to have a dr. paul but a dr. paul will be a figment of the past. don’t vote for dr. paul and get more government, more surveillance, and then suddenly get more quiet.

  39. To God the Lax sux, don’t know where you’re coming from exactly, but if you are sugessting that “the gap between the military is too wide” that we the people should fear their assault, well, you may be surprised to find that the military will never win a war against the people, ever! You can be a spectator, or you can choose the correct side. We “the non-oath takers” will be more than ready for ANY contingency. You sound like a very young (and inexperienced) vet, so I will thank you for your service to our country, and cut you some slack. However, please don’t be fooled into thinking that only vets are capable of understanding or defending our Constitution. As of now, the people have the power, and get exactly the type of government they ask for. The real battle is between the ears.

  40. I personally don’t see the big deal. The drones they’re talking about are usually relatively tiny things with wing spans of a few feet and ranges of only a few miles. They can be used for search and rescue as well as for hunting down escaped criminals and so on, and would be used to replace (a) helicopters and (b) massive numbers of police on the ground. End result is less cost for us for the same amount of police coverage.

    As for those talking about the disproportion between military and civilians – the military are not who you need to worry about. They’re virtually all (with the exception perhaps of some of the leadership) on the side of freedom. I’d be more worried about armed flash mobs and the police in some of the more liberal cities. But when you consider that there are 800 million guns in circulation in the US, any kind of coup attempt would be rather painful. Conservatives don’t riot in the streets, but if forced to a fight, there is no doubt it my mind that we’d win. Attacking us would be stupid.

  41. “Haven’t citizens always been subjected by their rulers?” Lux we do not have rulers we have elected representatives. American founders intended for man to rule himself, it is our inalienable right. As far as I am concerned, these illegal “laws” they are passing do not apply to me or my fellow Americans, they nullify their representative power when they vote against the will of the people and we do not have to obey their tyrannical and treasonist acts. They will have to come up with a new security threat as they can’t continue blaming Al Quaeda and the Taliban and justify pulling out of Afghanistan at the same time. Vote Obama out, then work diligently to fill Senate seats up with true freedom lovers, along with emailing your senate and house leaders on a regular basis and let them know, Big Sister is watching Big Brother and she is PISSED!

  42. Ten years ago, I was proud to call the Bush family , our family friend. I supported him for years. Now I see his dad( a friend of my dad’s) and the son have given us over to the control of a world elite and the coming tyranny will be empowered by the opportunities they had to turn over our individual and national sovereignty to a elite class. This latest move is only meant to stack the deck against the individual. The 2nd Amendment was meant to protect us form Government tyranny. No we are severely out gunned so the tyranny can proceed, even with the 2nd Am. They can find us and kill us where we sleep. This is scary. You may say, they wouldn’t do that. You fool yourself. I tell you, what could keep them from doing it. There is no longer any restraint. We are there slaves if they wish.

  43. Bigern at 7:35pm is accurate. This resolution is to allow civilian UAV’s for commercial purposes. Typical uses envisioned are monitoring crops for blight, or monitoring forests for bug infestations. Governments are already able to operate under special permits from the FAA, so the resolution wouldn’t really affect them that much (instead of getting the special permit, they’d have to follow the rules like everyone else).

  44. I wonder if they will allow these to be used at the border or if illegals and drug/gun smugglers will get a free pass! It’s time we start taking the wheels off of this machine before it get’s too big!

    Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

  45. What happens when a nation forgets their God and makes football of greater importance on Sundays. And worships the work of their own hands above God. This is what they deserve. But in the end, ” Those who lead into captivity shall go into captivity”. This system that all these elites are devising to control the masses will become their own prison and it will be just the opposite. It will be used upon their own heads. Our only hope is for a massive solar storm to destroy all the satellites and GPS and Comm of all these totalitarians. The PEOPLE are safe without them and their CONTROL. We have GUNS. So there is another reason these Marxists phags are doing this. To assume total control. Got news for ya. Our GOD is going to take your power and destroy you. Patience of the Saints.

  46. More evidence that it’s time to defund the federal government. At eh very least it’s time to vote every one of these arrogant elites out in November.

  47. As the criminal government realizes the looting game can’t go on forever, they have the drones to make them feel safe from the people whose lives they destroy.

  48. The USA is using Drones EVERY NIGHT along Panama and Colombia to recon fast running DRUG boats at night going up the coast.

    We have no idea what’s coming with the survellance and weaponry TO BE UNLEASHED IN US SKIES.. Once it’s in place, it’s here forever.

  49. I read today in the news these things crash once and a while. They will make great Christmas stocking stuffers for somebody at our expense. We are paying for Congress to “break into the future.”

  50. RELAX… I can’t believe some of the responses. Are people that uneducated about reality? Comparisons to Terminator? That’s absolute fiction. Who really thinks armed aircraft are going to be patrolling over US soil? The damn media shows a picture of an armed one. Guess what, they’ve already been flying in the US for years. Along the borders, in Nevada, North Dakota, and California. No issues what so ever. They are unarmed and used to help keep an eye on our borders and to train crews who are going to deploy. That’s it! No spying, no police state at all. Give it a rest. Airplanes and helicopters with cameras are flying all the time over our country. Who complains about those? Nobody. So what’s the difference with these? Nothing, except the uneducated view that they are what Hollywood portrays them to be. The only difference between these planes and any other plane is the cockpit is on the ground and the pilot controls the plane from the ground. Big whoop. Why is that so scary to people???

  51. I encourage Congress to build an infinite power drone force with fiat currency. Use cheap Chinese programmers to save money up front.
    Don’t bother to stop, look, or listen to any good advice for free.

    A firmware upgrade can turn the tide for the proper side.

  52. why are stupid right wingers COMPLAINING you voted for this just like you voted for the congress and now ROMNEY AND GINGRICH WHO BOTH SUPPORT THIS militarism and federal intrusion


  53. The comments are amazing. What justification validates the use of these drones? Some of the comments want us to be ‘soothed’ while others make note of the harmless interference these things will have in our lives.

    A rock sitting on the edge of a cliff is harmless until someone pushes it over the edge. We will soon witness the potential destructiveness of the ‘harmless’ machinations the government is implementing.

    Yeah, and about our votes: They really ‘change’ things don’t they? A destructive politician can do more harm in four years than Nazi Germany did in ten. Get a clue. Our votes are purely symbolic. Take a look around – America is rotting and we, the citizens, have become the mold.

  54. People who are blaming the left didn’t read the article, it was Congress (Republican) who called for this. The Republicans have done nothing about the TSA, the most egregious violation of our rights and the top 3 presidential candidates have said nothing about them. No, both parties are run by another force with police state ideas.

  55. i would think your average hunting rifle could take a drone down. if it is infringing on your privacy, bang, it is gone.

  56. Really people? This is not new news. There are no T-100s lined up, there is no dystopia here. There is proof….you are all writing these utterly un-informed views from the “informed” perspecitve and then argue that people who are trying to be level headed about this are Sheeple. Come on. There is a line for security and liberty, but we are all gonna differ on where that line should be drawn but dont make erroneous claims without proof, at least make valid arguments. BTW 1984, Terminator, Big Brother/Sister…none of these are VALID arguments.

    I can understand being skeptical but not ignorant. Dont assume someone is a “young and inexperienced vet” because they dont align with your skewed thinking

  57. That is beyond scary. I cannot believe this is happening – our country is being taken away from us and we are powerless to stop it. Ron Paul is THE MAN – but he’ll never get the votes. Never thought I would say this, but time to leave. Oh Canada! And will encourae my sons to do the same with their familes. 63 year old attorney

  58. And it is Congress is NOT Republicans – it is the Senate AND the House. it was a joint Senate and House Committee – I’d like to know its composition. Could be all Democrats – they control the Senate and are members in the House

  59. Gotta have those weapons ready for when the almighty idiot loses his reelection bid…his “peeps” will be running amok, rioting, looting, and creating havoc like they never have before.

  60. We are all idiots and naive to think if we vote Mitt Romney or Newt gingrich for president. Mitt or Newt will simply carry on with dirty politics as usual stripping more of our freedoms away while empowering the government. America needs to wake up and study history. Vote for the Constitution ….Vote for Ron Paul

  61. There are two reasons American law enforcement is in love with drones. First, because they use infrared technology, the drone operators can see how many people are in your home and the movements of people inside your home. Yes, the courts have ruled this practice a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but, as is the case with intelligence fusion center practices, how will you ever know that you infrared was used in a prohibited manner? Moreover, if the home is not yours, the government will argue that you have “no standing” to contest the search. These drones can also read and record license plates from 12,000 feet. By utilitizing a StingRay box, that mimics a cellular telephone tower and bypasses the cell phone provider, the government can locate a target on the road when the target’s cell phone is on and then send the drone to follow a target. One the target is arrives at a location, the government can follow the target throughout the house. Americans need to rise up and demand laws be passed to strictly regulate and/or prohibit the use of such technologies. It is important to remember, that until 1934, wiretapping, as ruled in the Olmstead v. the US, was legal. Citizens became outraged and congress passed the Communications Act of 1934 that banned wiretapping.

  62. This looks as if it were submitted by Representative John L. Mica, the Republican chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

  63. How is this such a serious problem? Remember when every hijacker on the September 11th attacks were all domestic residents within our own borders? Never forget about the Timothy McVeigh’s or other domestic terrorists who are often times our greatest threat.

  64. I saw a news article on the Houston PD testing one of these things. They are going to be used to watch us. Plain and simple.
    P McKee is a 1d 10 T. “As long as I not doing nothing wrong, why shuold I worry?” is their montra. Public safety and law and order at any cost. Big Sis Napolitano got them convinced that all you red-neck, gun totin’, bible thumpers are now the primary threat to our nation. When in fact it is the government how is now the biggest threat to the Constitution.

  65. While there are obvious surveillance activities. Think also, pipeline inspection, tower inspection, fire departments have dozens of uses to help overview a location, find people trapped in a building, etc. also, tv crews for their obvious reasons.

    Current FAA rules require a pilot’s license to operate a UAV domestically. Those rules would need to change.

  66. I used to say we were “living Blue Thunder”, but it looks like Congress is adding in that “Terminator” part. I hate to say this, but I think America is toast, there is a void of constitutionally loyal leadership, more people receive govt. money than pay taxes, generations have been educated by state run schools to be state lead sheep. In the 70s I remember hearing how our leaders were guiding this country away from its manufacturing economy to a service economy, now both have been outsourced to Asia, and there doesn’t seem like there’s much desire on their parts to bring it back, and environmentalists doing their abject best to insure against it! Uncle Sam has been castrated, and Lady Liberty has been raped by a hundred years of evil ones elected and sworn to defend them, and a press complicit in the crimes! Where is John Galt?

  67. This is the continuation of the police state. We have the TSA now doing more than airport security which they suck at. The TSA is now working road blocks and walking around the train stations. Now we will have drones flying around with missiles and who knows what else by the time this begins. We have Hillary working with the UN to register and eventually take away our guns. We have supposedly those detention camps being built. All these things are happening like they are too slowly allow us to become accustomed to their presence. Once that is complete, watch out!

    I am afraid we have been silent for too long. And as I write this, I still can’t convince my friends of all these perils and the extreme danger of losing all our rights. I am worried! We need to organize, but that is the question. How?

    Isn’t this right out of the same playbook that Hilter used?

  68. A police state, plain and simple.

    You can count on the media and guv employees to defend the denial most people remain hidden in.

  69. Amazing that folks write the things they do. The fact is that both sides have meritorious points. Key is preventing those scenarios that are bad while allowing the beneficial. At this time I have no confidence in Washington at all and would forgo the beneficial to prevent the negative. We need fail safes to prevent the police state from making us all criminals, which is the goal. Dear God, Ayn Rand was right!

  70. Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their person, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated………………

    Yes, there are already satellites in space that can see your home, map your streets etc. That was intrusion enough. Now they can simply fly over your home without programming a satellite in geosynchronous orbit of the earth (an expensive undertaking) and put you or a family member under surveilance simply because they want to. They aren’t there to blow your house up today. We’re not quite there YET. They can use thermal and infrared imaging to determine the number of people in your home and their locations within your home.

    The Founding Fathers were visionaries, but they weren’t able to predict technology that an unrestrained government would/could use against its people. They did warn aginst it, just not in this form.

    Remeber this little tidbit:

    “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” -James Madison


  71. This is the government spying on all of us. DHS is for domestic spying. They have never caught any would be terrorists. It doesn’t matter if that worthless filthy piece of shiznit communist fhuk Obama gets re-elected. These programs WILL continue. The govment is going to have to be destroyed. That is what the 2nd amendment is for. The problem is, we have let this gone on way way too long. The longer we wait, the more resources they will have to stop all of us. FEMA camps? The recent defense act? These things are terrible. They might be the law of the land, but they are not the law of my land. All these are unjust laws.

  72. God the Lux Says:

    “Haven’t citizens always been subject of their rulers?”

    Not here, until Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

    “Civilians, people without the oath to defend anything with their lives, typically think that we military types are all mindless killing machines.”

    No, we don’t. But we DO think that most of you are incapable of discerning illegal orders, and will do what your superiors order you to do, because it will be painted as action against subversives and insurgents. You are Pavlovian, soldier, whether or not you want to admit it. The Pentagon rings the dinner bell, and you drool.

  73. Wow! Fantastic moving targets for our safety and privacy.
    Hope they don’t fly too high so as to be out of range.

  74. God the Lux Says:

    “Haven’t citizens always been subject of their rulers?”

    Not here, until Woodrow Wilson and FDR. In the United States, the people are supposed to be the sovereign. Commie-progressives like the aforementioned (and our current president & co.) don’t agree with that philosophy, hence our prudent distrust.

    “Civilians, people without the oath to defend anything with their lives, typically think that we military types are all mindless killing machines.”

    No, we don’t. But we DO think that most of you are incapable of discerning illegal orders, and will do what your superiors order you to do, because it will be painted as action against subversives and insurgents. You guys are Pavlovian, soldier, whether or not you want to admit it. The Pentagon will ring the dinner bell, and you will drool.

  75. To Whom it may Concern, ahem……

    Can we go to Disney Land and Knotts Berry Farm and can I ride the Teacups and the rolly coaster and can I eat some cotton candy and some popcorn and ride the merry go round cause
    I’m a good boy and Santa Clause will be here soon and leave me lots of toys and then the Easter Bunny will come and leave me lots of candy and my mommy and daddy and the whole world love me and tell me what a good boy I am and I will be just like Peter Pan and never grow up and I will be a good boy forever and ever.

  76. Tell me the purpose of drones in the US. Makes little or no sense. We have more agents, here on the ground in the US, than in any other part of the earth. The hotdog vendors are now part of the TSA at the superbowl. Sounds much like Germany before the war, remember the Hitler youth, trained to spy on their parents.

    Obama may not have been joking when he told the boy band, at the White House, that he didn’t worry about his girls, because “he had drones”

    And, what about Congress, overwhelming passing this legislation. Is this like insider trading? Do they know something we don’t. Are they afraid if they don’t go with the program, they will be out of the program.

    What happens if someone subverts the programming of the drone? The operator could be fed a live stream, thinking they are on a mission in Iran and low and behold the drone is over Detroit. Stuff movies are made of but apparently, the Iranians were able to over come the programs in one of our drones and just lead the drone to their base. The GPS system thought is was going home for a safe landing.

  77. Guys, these are guidelines to CIVIL aircraft, not military. There are a lot of uses for drones, including crop dusting, photos of houses for sale, construction sites, forest fires, traffic reports, etc. The fds, recognizing that someone will want to use drones, has asked the Faa to come ho with some basic rules to keep all aircraft safe. I already know people who use Rc helicopters to shoot video of expensive houses for use by the realtor.

  78. Lets have a vote:

    The number one security threat to the United States of America is our own federal government (True/False)

  79. “I’m sorry, Dave”.

    These are for integrating the use of UAVs (by the .mil and .gov) INTO civilian airspace. And as for the naive “a hunting rifle can take one down” a) they cruise at 10,000 feet b) you can’t hit what you don’t even know is there /can’t see / can’t hear c) even with the necessary computing power you couldn’t solve the aiming solution even if you DID have the time and the warning and d) you ain’t nearly that good.

    Any other questions?

  80. The military will fire on American citizens if the soldiers are given sufficient disinformation about who those citizens are.

    For example, if the Pentagon convinces its soldiers that rioters are terrorists, criminals, or communist revolutionaries, they will kill them without hesitation or regret. As long as soldiers are made to believe the cover story, the will open fire on American citizens the same as if they were Iraqi or Afghani citizens.

    I know because I saw it happen before, in America, in 1967, and again at Kent State University, and again at Ruby Ridge, and again at Waco, Texas.

    There is one thing to prevent this from happening again – preconditioning against government propaganda in the form of Oath Keepers and similar organizations. If soldiers can see through the lies they are told, if they keep reality at the forefront, they will not be willing to kill Americans in the streets.

  81. Sorry to say, but far too many of you out there (and by that I mean the overwhelming majority) are no more than uninformed, uneducated, paranoid, blithering idiots. The government has had the capability to monitor your every move and “take you out” should it feel it necessary to do so for a very long time now. The only difference between when this capability became reality and now is 2 things: 1-The fact that we, as a people have grown lazy, stupid and dependant upon the government to provide for us; We continually want to believe, more and more that the government will “take care of us” and should take care of us. Our reliance upon what most here perceive as entitlements is, in fact, what is killing us and that’s just the way this administration and those who pull it’s strings want it. They want us depending on them because we will be more controllable. This process began in earnest in the 1960’s when all the social welfare programs took off. And 2: We now have an administration that is willing, and nearly able (again, thanks to The People) to “fundamentally transform” this country which, by it’s behavior and action, appears more and more to be the undermining and ultimate re writing of our present constitution. The liberal mindset, as well intentioned as it may have been has gotten us to this point. If you’re worried about where we’re going as a country (that is, if you care about keeping the constitution and form of government it created), then change things by voting this administration out. Support whoever the Republican candidate ends up being (whether you like him or not) and then keep his feet to the fire once he’s in. The big thing here

  82. This news ought to scare the life out of every single American who reads it.

    They WILL be misused. This is yet another foot in the door and another big step toward tyranny.

    The government understands that incremental steps WORKS because most Americans are too distracted and lazy to either know about it or DO anything about it.


  84. We’re all going to be sorry when SkyNet becomes self-aware and starts thinking for itself, unlike Congress.

  85. Note how they’re only concerned that a catastrophic failure of one of these drones might hurt one of their other aircraft. We the people have become expendable.

  86. There is nothing good in this at all. Every action, under the guise of safety, demanded by an ignorant public and enacted by a nefarious government, is at the end a destruction of personal liberty. This once great republic has been gradually, piece by piece, destroyed under the premise that the government needs to protect us and provide a safety net. This goes way beyond Obama. This has been happening for over a century by both sides. Progressives are the disease and they infect both parties.

  87. The 188th fighter wing in Fort Smith, AR was just informed it will no longer have a A10 Warthog mission but it will be replaced with a drone mission. Just saying

  88. Just remember, What can be used to “Protect”, can be also used in the opposite purpose. The question then is: Do you trust the responsibility for your life and liberty to other men?

  89. We need to elect American patriots to Congress instead of the corrupt criminals that we keep putting in…they have successfully dumbed us down with their government teachers unions.

  90. Now that Obama has authorized killing US citizens, this is surely an effective means to accomplish that objective. You know, those radical Christians and adherents to the constitution.

  91. Funny how this article doesn’t even mention why they would want a domestic drone program in the first place.

  92. LOL, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled week or so ago that cops need a warrant in order to use GPS tracking devices????

    Wow, not only is the Government Fascist, but its Bipolar. One minute they tell you that you need a warrant and the next they are launching a drone over your house and sticking their hands down your pants and ordering you through a Naked Body Scanner… Classic.

    America is so screwed, a Bipolar Fascist Government. Good Job America, now you can again say you’re first at something … A Bipolar Fascist Government.

  93. The sponsor of this bill is none other than John Mica, R-FL. He is the same one who brought us the wonderful TSA folks.
    Hey, you peeps in FL need to vote this freedom taker out!

  94. We are probably not too far off from reports of houses blowing up and the “news” reporting that it was a natural gas leak. Then, the neighbor who says a drone was just over head will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and a month later he will have a “gas leak” in his house.

  95. Even if they are planning to do this, who cares? This world is not our home.

    Open up your bibles and start reading them aloud as much as possible so if someone really is invading on your privacy, they can possibly be saved too.

    Pray to God against any evil in the government and pray that the good that’s left will prevail.

    Pray for a world of peace. Instead of wasting our energy on preserving this temporary and quickly fading life, let us store up treasures in heaven by being born again by Jesus Christ and trying to save as many people as possible.

    When we live outside of the flesh, none of this will matter. A life filled and governed by the Holy Spirit does not care about such things. We are eternal beings, and if the “elite” or whatever want to have their world the way they want it, let them.

    We won’t have to deal with one second of this for all eternity if we just give our lives to Jesus, so what does it even matter?

    We can live so far above and beyond this (even if it’s real) if we just read our bibles, pray, and yield ourselves to be fully filled by God himself.

    If we are blasted to a bloody pulp, it’s an honor and a one way ticket to heaven.

    We are no longer governed by the thoughts of our mind, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God himself, living inside of us.

    To the one who has ears, let them hear.

    It’s just interesting reading material and that’s it.

  96. I remember when people used to say,

    “Hey – it’s a free country.”

    I haven’t heard that expression for years.

  97. This is definitely not what we wanted for our country.

    But think of this, the fun of trying to shoot them down.

  98. My question is what would be the point of a police state? Funneling the resources of a nations population into one organization? I don’t understand. Will someone explain this to me? Like this scenario for instance; let’s say it got to the point that the government told me when to wake up, what to eat, when to go to work, what to make, when to go home and when to sleep. What do they get from that? If they take my money, then they have to sustain me with food and shelter right? Otherwise I die. If they make me work long hours they still have to let me sleep or I die. If they torture me to get me to work more productively I’ll die a lot sooner than if they took care of me. For what reason though? So that the man at the top can look at all his slaves and production with relish? So he can have more money than he could possibly know what to do with? It seems like it’s game over at that point. Like, you’ve won. So now what? And let’s say it’s a group of super super elites; there will always be the few who want to reach absolute zenith. So then you deceive, and kill your way to the top. Then what?

  99. Political Correctness is the avenging son of Lenin’s and Stalin’s brand of Socialism, viz., Communism. It was spawned in the Soviet Union, but had it’s roots in all other forms of historic, political tyranny. Now, this social cancer has metastasized and found it’s way into every American’s way of life.

    Not until every American can feel an inner peace and security about speaking his and her thoughts in the public square without fear of reprisal from government agencies under the so-called “Hate Laws,” will America once again find her Soul. Remember, these “Hate Laws” were passed by large majorities of the Democrat-Socialist party to stop political discourse, and  prevent people from expressing how they really feel about their elected representatives. 

    If the above were not so, why the thrust by Obama and his henchmen to shut down the Internet when Obama and his henchmen desire?

    Next time you are at a political rally, ask your candidate if he is prepared to repeal all “Hate Laws.”  They only serve to inspire fear, impede political and social discourse, and handcuff the American Spirit of Freedom that was handed down to us by our forefathers. 

    Recall, if you will  what Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers and the author of America’s Declaration of Independence,  wrote about the “Tree of Liberty.” I choose to interpret his words allegorically. We must fight against the tyranny of our government with all our might and force, by using the means at our disposal. Fight with your words, fight with your vote, fight with the intelligence you have been endowed with by Almighty God. Never give up hope.

  100. So someone tell us how to fry them from the ground, please. Post it on youtube if you must, but there has to be a way.

  101. @justaguy – the lack of howling will be 100 fold once a Republican administration is in office. Nevermind which party put the regulations in place, memories are short if non-existant.

    And in addition, the press will be compliant in the howling once the Democrats are out of office. And any questioning of where they were when all this was done will be met with blank stares.

  102. I can only hope that this is a means for Congress to exert some control and oversight over the power of the executive branch to which it has abdicated the legislature’s authority through a statute to use such means for surveillance of the populace. The fact is it is ALREADY being done.

  103. It maybe time that we look into GPS jamming that is portable. If Iran can do it then we can also. I figure as a last resort to keep a check on over reach of the government. Always be prepared.

  104. Apparently, congress’ 9% approval rating has them scared shitless. Stupid worthless politicians hiding behind the military. PATHETIC!

  105. @JustAGuy,
    You’re foolish if you think that simply by electing a different person to hold the office of President anything will change. ALL the candidates are bought and paid for. Why do you think Obama campaigned so hard against Bush policies and then carried on most of them (and expanded upon) once he actually got in office. Because he doesn’t make the decisions. If any of you think that you can simply vote for a new president, or vote for a new member of Congress and expect things to change you’re a fool. Everyone is bought and paid for. Everyone.

  106. Wouldn’t be funny if someone was able to hack or jam the telemetry then publicized it? With the usually stale technology government uses for spying on us it probably wouldn’t be hard.

  107. If two of us could hack into a couple of these things, we could have a real neat dogfight! Maybe we could do it over the occupiers, thus distracting them from their NON-AGENDA.

  108. If the DOD or any defense agency has a hand in this then they are certainly in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 unless Congress specifically authorizes it. In any event, this is deeply troubling

  109. There’s only one candidate who will actually do something to stop this insanity against the People: Ron Paul

  110. Cowards must have done things so bad already that they fear the repercussions from those whom they supposedly represent.. Fear Fear protection attack guilt vacation fear fear protection……..

  111. You gotta love the people who are just A-okay with having big brother flying over their back lawns, surveilling them.

    — bless the USSA.

  112. They know exactly what they’re doing. The next step is to arm them against ” Home Grown Terrorists” That would be you and me.

  113. Perhapes you havnt noticed stuff like the nat guard and police practicing uban fighting with helos in LA? or nat guard doing drills in front of SOC offices all across the US? That coupled with stuff them not allowing S. Korea to sell surplus WW2 M1’s here cause they might be used in an uprising cause’s me to think their fixing to really piss Americans off. So of course they want drones ready to use on the population. Thing is how are our sons and daughters going to act when their told to supress or target American citizens?

  114. As long as you morons continue to play the pointless blame game the crooks will continue to rule the world..obama is just a different flavor of crook…so continue pointing fingers in all the wrong directions…and look for the drones on the horizon…targeting your house…now back to sleep with you all!!!

  115. Folks, UAV technology is morally neutral. It can be used for bad purposes and for good purposes. Much of the technology has been hamstrung for years by overly cautious FAA regulations. Congress is basically telling the FAA to get with the times. Yes, surveillance technology can be used for nefarious purposes. But the civilian applications and benefits are massive and very important: oil exploration, improved safety for all air traffic as the UAV technology is transitioned to manned systems, improved agricultural monitonring and management, wild fire control, crime stopping (think of the difficulty of catching those DC snipers a few years ago. Drone surveillance could have prevented multiple deaths), enviornmental monitoring, delivery of critical supplies to remote areas, search and rescue. The list goes on and on.

    Once the FAA opens things up for this technology, the peaceful uses and benefits will far exceed what most on the forum can imagine. On the other hand, if we continue to elect narcissistic socialists as President, the nefarious potential uses to control society will be as many on the forum fear, or worse. As I said in the beginning, the technology is morally neutral. As the technology matures, society needs to mature in its appreciation for, and preservation of, the rights guaranteed by the founding documents of this great country.

  116. O.K. Folks, Here it is. If NDAA and the Patriot Act were not enough, you have this. The .GOV knows that the system will be facing collapse financially and from lack of energy. They are putting their ducks in a row to still be in charge when all goes to hell. I believe in, and respect the constitution. The folks making these long range plans could care less. Start to speak up and defend your rights and be prepared to spend some time in jail if need be. We will all be like Alesandr Solzhenitsyn in due time. Just remember do not fear them and do not ask anything from them and you take away their power. Gob Bless all of you and I hope we come out on the other side with a semblance of the freedom we once had.

  117. The reason why the USA needs drones, is becuase there are so many terrorist living in the US. So it makes sense to spy on the US, when the actual war on terror originates from the US. Just look at your local congressman, at the wealth they have obtained falsely.

  118. Well, this certainly opens a lot of doors for abuse. On the surface it seems like a reasonable security measure but underlying that rationalization is a whole host of potential problems. What’s kind of astounding to me is that Americans have come so far in accepting the surveillance state that most of them are not outraged by a proposal like this. Although it sounds absurd now, I would venture to say that within 15 or 20 years it will not be unusual to hear of a “possible suspected drunk driver” being taken out by a drone on the streets of our cities “before they injure anyone.” The public good is always the excuse given for the most drastic and inhuman of acts.

    If he manages to survive they may waterboard him to get the names of other drunk drivers and he’s name everyone they want just to make the pain stop, just like possible suspected terrorists do now. This is the kind of society our system is headed toward.

  119. Sillys, the drones will protect us from coming Alpha Draconians. I like how we state over and over, how screwed we are, and that “they” are coming for us, yet we all go back to our normal lives after posting comments. If we are so screwed, and you know it, then why aren’t we packing our bags, and fleeing the country instead of posting comments about our impending doom?

  120. jaygood, Anwar Awlaki was no suspected terrorist…he was proven thus and was the creator and publisher of the Inspire magazine. Ever read it? I have. In summary, it was his call for the death of Americans complete with instructions on how to carry out attacks and create weapons. Schwacking him was no different than acting on a dead or alive wanted poster.

    I hate the idea of the use of drones in the US, and I hate the direction our country is headed because I worry about the oath I took as a service member to protect the Constitution when I think about what road that may lead me. The soldier is the last person that wants to go to war.

  121. The air traffic control system has been falling apart for decades and these useless puppets we call congressman want to fund unmanned air surveillance… This government is overdue for a complete replacement…otherwise we deserve every loss of freedom that we have accepted and paid for on the federal credit card.

  122. Drones aren’t much more than Radio Shack technology. Shouldn’t take much more than that to bring one down before it becomes a problem.

  123. I’m a private pilot. I fly VFR (visual flight rules) most of the time. The way we avoid mid-air collisions under VFR is we talk to each other on common traffic frequencies and we “see and avoid”. It obviously takes two to follow these rules. How are you going to integrate UAV’s into VFR? Got an easy answer?

  124. And the program must be ready no later than september 30.Why is that.OOOO thats a month away from the elections.They (the government) want them online for the Elections

  125. Not to fear people.I think the drones are built by a failing company soon to be bailed out by the feds for billions and then go belly they run on solar power?

  126. The drones are built in the US..right? Tested in the US…right? So don’t you think they have already been flying over the US already?

  127. 1984 just a wee bit late?

    IF the Iranians can interdict our drones don’t you think an American Wiz kid can? ANYTHING that is transmitted free air can be interdicted, spoofed, bent, modified, rebroadcast etc., to make any controlled object fail.

    Somewhere (Nevada) the is a bunker with antenna on it … controlling these ‘Big Brother’ drones… antenna fall down, get damaged, get found…

    All that fails: a Cessna with a Uzi will take care of it.

  128. To PetePettywick:

    Our Founders had it about right;

    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    B. Franklin or Thomas Jefferson

    Don’t you think an armed America can take care of any inside uprising?

    I think any internal ‘outside’ force would pay significantly for trying it (and is what makes the United States so much difference from Hungary, Poland of old) … you do not need big daddy taking care of us … it is the Feds sole and singular job to ‘defend America’ outside and to the line which is our nations shores… States, thank you, can stand very well against any internal threats, and if the states themselves can not the people of those states can.

    You ever heard of the Minutemen?

  129. Why do we need drones to spy on our own people? Of course to kill us if we rebel against the Marxist takeover. And the Military is going along with this? So much for their oath to protect the Constitution. Friggin robots.

  130. To: Miguel Saavadera

    Your comment makes no sense at all. In fact, I have no idea what your point is, other than the fact that it appears, you are confirming the very point I made. So in your mind, the use of “drones” would be for the federal goverment to opress the American people?? I point out that in fact, they could be gearing up to use it against a terrorist attack…and as I point out, one that could come from the thousands of terrorists that are supposedly laying in wait to creat havoc.

    You then claim they wouldn’t need to, as the U.S goverment could easily handle that kind of terrorist attack.

    You make absolutely no sense…at all. It is obvious you also don’t know how our consitution works — the U.S. goverment is forbidden to use our own military inside our borders…that is why we have National Guard. And gee, don’t you think that they would perhaps use these drones in efforts to fend off any kind of terrorist attack??

    Anyway, you’re babbling and paranoid and I’m done with the topic. You keep living your life seeing dark, ominous plots behind every little thing… I’m heading out to the park to enjoy life.

  131. Quit worrying about spying on US citizens. Worry about Pakistan, Afganistan, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China and the like. The American people hire you turkeys; act like it.

  132. I heard a guy on our local (right-wing) radio station talking about the air base in/near Ft. Wayne. Apparently it was decided to NOT close the base, but to replace the A-10s with MC- 12s (it would SEEM the latter focuses on surveillance). I say, “Surveillance technology? In the middle of the heartland? Curious, indeed!”

  133. THE QUESTION IS: “WHO” in Congress introduced this BILL?

    HOUSE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE DRAFTED HURRIED-UP U.S. DRONE BILL, Conference Rpt 112-381, Committee Resolution 533

    Rep Leonard Boswell [D-IA]
    Rep Dave Camp [R-MI]
    Rep Russ Carnahan [D-MO
    Rep Jerry Costello [D-IL]
    Rep Chip Cravaack [R-MN]
    Rep Peter DeFazio [D-OR]
    Rep John Duncan (R-TN)
    Rep Sam Graves (R-MO)
    Rep Ralph Hall [R-TX]
    Rep E.B. Johnson [D-TX]
    Rep Sander Levin [D-MI]
    Rep John Mica [R-FL]
    Rep Steven Palazzo [R-MS]
    Rep Tom Petri [R-WI]
    Rep Jean Schmidt [R-OH]
    Rep Bill Shuster [R-PA]
    Rep Nick Rahall [D-WV]
    Rep Pat Tiberi [R-OH]

  134. Everyone is overlooking what this article says. It states “a comprehensive plan to safely accelerate the integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system.” Look up what civil means. This is referring to the use of use of civilian unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or “drones,” in U.S. airspace. That means US! You, me, everyone. Why does everyone assume that this is referring to the government watching us? There is a huge industry that could benefit from this mainly the reality business. “Drones” in this article is too strong of a word that strikes FEAR and discomfort obviously. In reality this is referring to RC helicopters that are being used for commercial use. We have the right to fly RC helicopters as a hobby, but the FAA has not distinguished guidelines for those who want to apply this to commercial use, that’s all. You already have people flying RC helicopters with cameras on them around your home town taking aerial footage. We might as well get on board with making it a legitimate business with some sort of regulations that make sense. With that said hopefully the FAA draws up some guidelines that really do make sense.

  135. Ok, so they say they are for civilian use. Let’s not forget that the people watching all those traffic cameras are civilian, and that a large percentage of those who were fighting in Afghanistan were also civilian “contractors”. They get around the rules by using non-military contractors to do their bidding. Thinking that these will be used only for good purposes is hiding your head in the sand.

  136. If these drones are flown by GPS as some say, I find it alittle disconcerting that the last census the government took GPS coordinates of our homes.

  137. You’re crazy, watch this video…
    The FAA put a stop to commercially taking advantage of using RC helicopters with a $10,000 fine for the first offense. This will allow REAL people like me, who are not affiliated with the military, government or any organization with malicious intentions the ability to do this stuff legally. Like I said your neighbor can fly around his helicopter with a camera on it keep the Arial footage but if he sells it, that’s where this becomes a business and like everything in this world the government has to have its fingers in it. You’re arguing for against the rights of a private citizen from making a business of something that has so much potential?

  138. Do yourself a favor and read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense from 1776…it is time to rebel against this over-arching government intrusion into our lives. Free citizens cannot tolerate this endless drumbeat of control, regulation, taxation, and yet our rights are diminished one by one drip, drip, drip…our fathers before us recognized this and took responsible steps to secure and perpetuate liberty under the rule of law. This administration is acting above the law, as well as Congress/Senate, and next SCOTUS are going to radically change if Obama adds another activist judge to the mix…like Oliver Cromwell said “pray to God and keep our powder dry!”

  139. I could care less about Obama, this has nothing to do with him its completely the FAA so look beyond that for a second and think about how allowing us, the citizens, to utilize new technologies in a legitimate, responsible manner with some sort of rules is a good thing. These again are not “drones” but RC helicopters that many people fly, but to use them as a business there has to be some rules so that the irresponsible are not creating potential danger by not having experience and without insurance, accreditations and the such. This is like saying we shouldn’t allow any us citizens the ability to become a pilot and own a airplane because the military uses airplanes? I will be voting to get Obama out don’t worry I’m not some liberal nut, who believes in big government, you just don’t seem to understand this topic at hand… by the way its no longer 1776.

  140. As a former model airplane enthusiast I see that the government cannot help itself. It simply cannot stand by while a group of people want to have fun without stomping all over it. As I said I am a “former” model plane enthusiast, “former” because the regulations on this pass time hobby at the local level became too onerous and now the Federal Government sees fit to step in and dictate the ways in shich a childs toy can be utilized, To hell with the politicians, they are merely compensating for the fact that they are incapable of having fun so they decide that others should be denied recreation as well.

  141. Why is it that history repeats itself and yet our uneducated politicians never read history?

    Need to read this book out about Americans finally take a stand against tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

    I recommend it cause it’s so real.

    If it’s not Bush and the Patriot Act then it’s Obama making it more powerful against the American people.

  142. When will people wake up and realize that you will never be safer by giving away your freedoms one at a time. The Bill of Rights is becoming riddled with holes. So now drones can spy on our own citizens to keep us “safer”? Are you people crazy? How about illegal search? The 4th Amendment? The Republic is in its death throes. God help us all.

  143. It may not be 1776, but its certainly looking like 1984, Obama, Newt, Mitt, they’re all scumbags being controlled by the same NWO puppet master. I hate to bust everyones bubble, but no election is gonna fix this tyranny, we’ve been asleep to long, the rugs been pulled out from under us, another words it’s to late. The robots in this country have been brainwashed by popular culture, the schools, the media, the goverment, that its wrong to fight back, just keep staring at your i- phone, and american idol, and what celebrity is dating who, We (the gov) set up random checkpoints, we have drones spying on you, we blast you with cancer causing radiation and molest your children in front of you just so you can get on a plane, we (the gov) kill you with fluoride in your water and cancer causing vaccines, and we THE PEOPLE take it, because everything the goverment does to us is for OUR safety!!!! I don’t know what the future holds for us, but i know it’s not good, All i can say is dig in your heels, and ‘rage against the dying of the light’.

  144. They’re doing it for Google.. not to spy on us or to get ready for the death marches and prison camps, or anything..

  145. and since they are computer controlled, what happens when some unfriendly hacks in and mixes them up w/commercial air traffic… too sci fi??? I don’t think so

  146. How can anybody not believe these drones will be used for and are about nothing less than 1. control of the public during revolt/rebellion, 2. used to kill Americans that revolt against the government, 3. the morons in DC know something is about to explode, public v. government 4. government is bidding its time to get out of dodge (like every other dictator does). Does anybody think Americans are any different than those that revolted in Russia, Egypt, Ukraine, etc, all against tyranny of government. America will have its second go soon. I will stick to my guns and bible. The Army will never turn against its citizens. You morons in congress, remember my last statement.

  147. Some day soon Obama will pass a Bill taking all our Comments off the Blog…..Might even have you arrested for saying something unkind about his Presidency, The TSA, The Patriot Act, The National Denfense Authorization Act, Our Congress, The Democrats, The Republicans, The New World Order, The Global Governance Nations, The One World Government, The Bilderburgers, The Club of Rome, The Council of Foreign Relations, The Trilaterial Commission, and the List goes on and on…..The Internet will be Government controlled…..Then What?….”When will They ever Learn”?….Peter, Paul and Mary

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