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Attorney Challenges “Gag Order” on WikiLeaks Docs

The ongoing release of another large collection of classified documents by WikiLeaks concerning Guatanamo detainees creates a new set of challenges and opportunities for the detainees’ attorneys.  But the government says the attorneys cannot discuss those matters in the public domain, even though anyone else can.

Attorney David Remes petitioned a court yesterday to release him from all such restrictions regarding publicly available WikiLeaks documents.  His petition was posted by Ben Wittes of Lawfare blog.

It was also reported by Scott Shane in the New York Times today, and discussed by Marcy Wheeler at EmptyWheel.

The petition argues that not only are continuing controls on publicly available information futile, they are unjust.  That is, they inhibit the attorney’s ability to act in the best interests of his clients by correcting errors or identifying exculpatory factors.

A response by the government will follow.

One thought on “Attorney Challenges “Gag Order” on WikiLeaks Docs

  1. This is a joke when I, a mother of seven have more access and discussion about Wikileaks then the Canadian or American Lawyers. It’s not like it isn’t out there. It isn’t like it is going to go away. Deal with it and treat the average citizen to some honesty and integrity from the people who are supposed to represent us.

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