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Judge Martin L.C. Feldman Named to the FISA Court

The Chief Justice of the United States has appointed Judge Martin L.C. Feldman of the Eastern District of Louisiana to a seven-year term on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, effective May 19, 2010.  He replaces Judge George P. Kazen, whose term on the Court ends this month.

Judge Feldman’s appointment to the FISA Court has not been publicly announced, but it was confirmed for Secrecy News on Friday by Mr. Sheldon L. Snook of the DC District Court, who also serves as a spokesman for the secretive FISA Court.

The FISA Court reviews and approves government applications for counterintelligence surveillance and physical search under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  The updated Court membership for 2010 may be found here.

Judge Feldman was appointed to the bench by President Reagan in 1983.  Among his various other credentials and affiliations, he has served as an advisor to the “Court Appointed Scientific Experts” program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which assists courts in identifying scientific experts who can serve in judicial proceedings.

Judge Feldman was in the news earlier this year after he ruled in favor of the non-profit journalism organization ProPublica, finding that it had not committed libel in a news story about the mistreatment of medical patients following Hurricane Katrina.  The news story in question, written by ProPublica reporter Sheri Fink and published in the New York Times Magazine, subsequently won a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting.

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  1. Judge Feldman is way off base blocking the 6 mos. ban on drilling!
    The Gulf does not belong to New Orleans. It is not in the country’s best interest to start more drilling. It is the country’s best interest to stop mucking up the ocean, the shorelines and the marshes. The only interest he has is based in greed which is what got us in the mess in the first place!

  2. How many oil rigs are in the gulf? thousands?

    How long have they been drilling there? decades?

    How many accidents have there been like this? 1

    Can we get some more knee jerk reactions please?

  3. I totally disagree with the previous comments …(i) Judge Feldman was, in fact, “on base” ruling against the drilling ban…the ban was, in fact, a capricious and arbitrary act on the part of government, (ii) Judge Feldman was ruling on behalf of all the Gulf coast states, not just New Orleans, (iii) if the government (MMS) had been doing its job, the mess we are in probably could have been avoided, and, (iv) incompetence, on the part of the government, played a significant role in getting us into this mess!

  4. Judge Feldman. I see you are big on squashing corruption. Thank you for ruling on behalf of the citizens in New Orleans and our country! You ARE A REAL AMERICAN! This is a PURELY POLITICAL decision as you know. Hey Kate, Wake UP! If we stop drilling all of those 200,000 jobs go somewhere else like Brazil. Guess who stands to make billions off of his Brazillian oil stock? George Soros. Yes Kate, follow the greed! I am an environmentalist but we MUST HAVE OIL whether we like it or not. Furthermore, BP got an award from the Federal gov’t for their safety. Oil drilling is the most overregulated field in our country. If you want to put blame on someone look toward the gov’t!

  5. Out laws have been known to start riots so they could ply their
    trade. The more mayhem the more the rethugs like it. This judge
    has yet to do anything on the side of human decency since he
    was appointed by the great rethug back in 1983.

  6. What many of you don’t understand is BP wanted to drill at 500 feet and Louisiana said ok. The Feds stepped in and said no, they had to drill at 5000 feet because 85 percent of the Gulf is closed to drilling at 500 feet. Obama suspends all drilling for six months, putting thousands of Americans out of work while sending Brazil (via George Soros) 2 billion dollars to drill down at over 14000 feet (which has never been done before). This Judge is right and timely with his decision. Polling shows 60% of BO’s own supporters want drilling to continue. If any of you supporting this idea took any time at all to understand the big picture, you’d see that Judge is right too. There isn’t anywhere near enough infrastructure to abandon oil for energy. Oil is also used in virtually all manufacturing from road surfaces to synthetics to medical products. From the clothes you wear to the machines you clean them with, all rely on petroleum. Your IPods, IPads, IPhones,Skechers and skateboards all became possible through petroleum. If you own any of these things (including the computer you’re bashing them with), then you are a hypocrite in attacking the oil industry because you’re simultaneously supporting them.

  7. it appears that the folks in New orleans want it both aways They like the revenue generated from the drilling, but seem to have a problem accepting the ngative, that may result from these drillings

  8. Dan, you’re just being silly. You obviously have made a simple value judgement: the risk from oil drilling doesn’t bother you. I don’t know how, after witnessing this disaster you can hold such a belief, but it is yours to hold.

    But ask yourself this: would there ever be a limit to the risk you’d be willing to take for oil? What if there was a chance it would kill everything in the gulf for a thousand years? Would that be risk enough for you. I know that it isn’t that bad. But it does illustrate that what you are making is essentially a value judgment. For me, the environmental damage caused thus far is reason enough to stop.

    What’s more, externalized risk should be build into products that are sold. This is true for chemical pollutants, there is no reason it shouldn’t be true for oil drilling. All the president is saying is that the risk is too great to even be allowed. Oil won’t cease to be sold – it will simply come at a higher cost, reflective of its relative externalization.

  9. My kind of Judge. Reasonable thought away from the hype and special intersts, toward Constitutional Republic Law will prevail. Baby boomers will save the day!

  10. Sherrod Says:

    June 22nd, 2010 at 4:32 pm
    Out laws have been known to start riots so they could ply their trade. The more mayhem the more the rethugs like it. This judge has yet to do anything on the side of human decency since he was appointed by the great rethug back in 1983.


    Exactly what did you intend by this comment?

    I would guess that you have absolutely no idea what Judge Feldman has “done” since he was appointed to the bench in 1983. If he is such a moron, will we find comments from you about his decisions before today? I doubt it. You are just an opportunist punk. You don’t like his decision on the moratorium. Instead of trying to justify your argument with reason, you attack the judge as a “rethug”. By the way, what is a “rethug?” Would that be Republican Thug?

    Did you actually read what you had written? Out laws (sic), riots, mayhem, rethugs, and human decency? What the hell are you talking about?

    I doubt you knew how to wipe your butt in 1983, let alone how to critique the decisions of a US District Court Judge. But, if I am wrong, let us all know what your credentials are to justify such a smear on the judge and why you claim to know better than him. And membership in Greenpeace does not count. Who are you?

    My guess is you won’t reply to this post with anything but pique (do you know what that means?) because you are just a punk liberal who knows nothing but has a keyboard. Pathetic.

    Fire away, Sherry.

  11. President George Bush Sr. initiated the ban on deep well drilling after Exxon did their thing in Alaska. It was W and Dick’s secret dealings that opened us up to this accident. Now they want to try very risky drilling in the Artic. Obama is not even being as forceful as George Sr. A 6 month ban is feeble in its own right but certainly justifiable Not evn close to a death knell to the oil industry and related industries. Can some of you think outside the money box? BP can suck up all impacts related to this unprecedented spill.

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