Secrecy News

National Security Letters, Fossil Fuel, and More from CRS

Noteworthy new reports from the Congressional Research Service that have not been made readily available to the public include the following (all pdf).

“National Security Letters: Proposed Amendments in the 111th Congress,” October 28, 2009.

“U.S. Fossil Fuel Resources: Terminology, Reporting, and Summary,” October 28, 2009.

“Unconventional Gas Shales: Development, Technology, and Policy Issues,” October 30, 2009.

“Electoral College Reform: 111th Congress Proposals and Other Current Developments,” November 4, 2009.

“Congressional Printing: Background and Issues for Congress,” November 5, 2009.

“Resolutions of Inquiry: An Analysis of Their Use in the House, 1947-2009,” October 29, 2009.

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