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Weak and Failing States, and More from CRS

Noteworthy new reports from the Congressional Research Service obtained by Secrecy News include the following (all pdf).

“Weak and Failing States: Evolving Security Threats and U.S. Policy,” November 15, 2007.

“Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons: Proliferation and Security Issues,” updated November 14, 2007.

“The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11,” updated November 9, 2007.

“Judicial Security: Responsibilities and Current Issues,” updated November 13, 2007.

“Pandemic Influenza: An Analysis of State Preparedness and Response Plans,” September 24, 2007.

“The Public Health and Medical Response to Disasters: Federal Authority and Funding,” September 19, 2007.

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