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New Army Regulation Redefines Leadership

A new U.S. Army regulation (PDF) “updates the definition of leadership and introduces the concept of the Pentathlete.”

The regulation identifies various aspects and levels of leadership, describes the warrior ethos and its place in Army culture, and discusses the responsibility of leaders and how they are trained.

Pentathletes in this context “are multi-skilled, innovative, adaptive, and situationally aware professionals who demonstrate character in everything that they do, are experts in the profession of arms, personify the warrior ethos in all aspects from war fighting to statesmanship to enterprise management, and boldly confront uncertainty and solve complex problems.”

See “Army Leadership,” Army Regulation AR 600-100, March 8, 2007.

0 thoughts on “New Army Regulation Redefines Leadership

  1. I was interested to see “New Army Regulation Redefines Leadership”.

    Warrior Class? More Rambo’s?

    The army here (UK) and elsewhere I suspect, operates on “Cock-up” theory. Why change the ethos of centuries? Do we need more Rambo’s or bozo’s?

    Leadership. Now Gandhi. He was a leader who carried no gun but was killed by one who had one…

    Military training should be taught in schools by military personnel especially in the area of survival, self-discipline, exercise, self-defence and personal responsibility. It is a resource of human knowledge that is wasted simply by teaching those recruited into our armed forces.

    Not everybody wants to join the Army, Navy or Air Force but an appreciation of their skill level by a wider audience bodes well for communities facing the normal everyday threats in later life.


    Malcolm Patten

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