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DHS Views Terrorist Threat to Aviation

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “continues to receive information on terrorist threats to the U.S. aviation industry and to the Western aviation industry worldwide,” according to a May 2006 DHS threat assessment (pdf) that was partially released last week.

Yet “an independent assault at the Los Angeles International Airport in July 2002 that left two dead and four wounded near the El Al ticket counter remains the sole successful aviation-related terrorist attack within the United States since 11 September 2001,” the document noted.

Approximately two-thirds of the unclassified DHS aviation threat assessment was withheld from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. But all of the endnotes were disclosed, including open source references to remotely piloted vehicles, lasers, parachutes and shoulder-fired missiles.

See “Strategic Sector Assessment: U.S. Aviation,” DHS Homeland Infrastructure Threat & Risk Analysis Center (HITRAC), 18 May 2006 (redacted for public release).

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  1. Google is your friend, and the government leaks like a sieve.

    The HSOC can be reached via telephone at 202-282-8101 or by email at [email protected]. For information affecting the private sector and critical infrastructure, contact the National Infrastructure Coordinating Center (NICC), a sub-element of the HSOC. The NICC can be reached via telephone at 202-282-9201 or via email at [email protected].

  2. After reading that heavily redacted document, I had a ‘brain-storm’ for our, busy security friends at DHS and the NICC.

    Why not develop a brand new colour code public alerting system just for the aviation and transport industry!

    I would love to see a Spring roll out on this new inter-modal passenger transport alerting system!

    But this time the ‘colour coding’ alert system really should be done in perky but familiar ‘Crayola’ pastels shades!

    If the right ‘colour design consultant’ is given the DHS contract for this, I think we could have a fresh and pretty warning system that makes a real statement about aviation and transport security!

    And wouldn’t these ‘Crayola crayon shades’ item be a lovely addition to many DHS dull and redacted websites.

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