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Groom Lake-Related Environmental Data Found Online

When workers at the secret Groom Lake (“Area 51”) aircraft test facility in Nevada filed a lawsuit in the early 1990s alleging that they had been injured by fumes from open-pit burning of chemical waste associated with stealth aircraft development, the government blocked the lawsuit by insisting that all information regarding the chemical waste was classified.

So it came as a surprise to researcher Stephen I. Schwartz when he discovered that some of this information had been published online by the Air Force in a document cleared for public release.

Specifically, a safety manual (pdf) intended for emergency responders identifies the “hazardous byproducts of burning wreckage” of an F-117A stealth fighter.

“It’s a textbook case of how the government, in this case the Air Force, wields classification rules unevenly and withholds information illegally when its disclosure would prove embarrassing or costly,” said Stephen Schwartz, the former publisher of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

A copy of the document he found, entitled “F-117A Safety Supplement: Aerospace Emergency Rescue and Mishap Response Information,” U.S. Air Force Technical Manual, 19 May 2005 (see esp. pages 9-10) is available on the Federation of American Scientists web site (2.3 MB PDF).

The story was reported in “Warnings for emergency responders kept from Area 51 workers” by Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 21.

Attorney Jonathan Turley, who represented the Groom Lake workers, told the Review-Journal that as a result of the latest revelations he is “looking at the possibility of renewed litigation related to Area 51.”

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  1. this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they ain’t got saucers there, just plain old rotting stealth fighters

  2. Sorry to upset anyone but stealth and other interesting stuff is in plain view at the base and was in easy reach of all us within the low sec clearance division. I had buddys much higher than me that could not get nowhere near certain parts of the base why? we are all sworn to the same black book. I know some very advanced kit used in full view of us and the public, “if you time it right”. The really crazy stuff is active sub surface and not just strange objects. Other odd science too !!! I am not about to blow the whisle on even the smallest secrets but a well known scientist has given a pretty good description.We do speculate between ourselves but our high ranks trust us so much they spy on us too how nice. Truth is they are more frightened than all of us, and they know what is going on. Check out the poor bloke on you tube as you wont hear much of him no more !!! (this is one disturbing phone call )tap it in !! Better go now or i will be next if you dont hear me again at least i said my bit Cheers bill.

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