FAS Roundup – August 21, 2020

By August 21, 2020

The myth of the “great equalizer” – a conversation about health justice
On Monday, Dr. Sheila Davis, Dr. Yasmin Meah, and Ann Lee, in a panel discussion moderated by FAS president Dr. Ali Nouri, identified innovative technologies, tools, and solutions to limiting the spread of COVID-19, especially in already vulnerable communities. Review the discussion here.

Rep. Schiff introduces resolution in support of World Mask Week
On August 14, Congressman Adam Schiff (D, CA-28) introduced a resolution into the House in support of designating August 7-14 as World Mask Week, encouraging Americans to wear face coverings to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. FAS is a proud member of the Pandemic Action Network, the coalition advocating for World Mask Week. Read the press release here.

Over the Line: the Implications of China’s ADIZ Intrusions in Northeast Asia
China has violated ADIZs in Northeast Asia 4,400 times in the last 7 years. To find out where, when, how, and why, read FAS’ Mercedes Trent‘s new comprehensive report here.

Canada Is Buying A Fleet Of Armed Drones. We Should All Be Worried
“In one of the government’s scenarios, a drone drops a bomb on a group of three ‘Fighting Age Males’ after the crew spots one of them ‘holding a small radio or cell phone in his hand.'” FAS’ Matt Korda argues against a new Canadian drone program in Passage.

Don’t fear AI – plan for it
Inside this week’s Science Policy Roundup, catch up with planning for future AI, gender equality in tech, #worldmaskweek, emerging bioethical issues in biomedical research, and much more. Check it out here.

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