FAS Roundup – August 14, 2020

By August 14, 2020

Russia’s vaccine rollout: 4 takeaways from the controversial development
“It’s clear that whichever country produces the first workable vaccine is going to help them with respect to soft power on the global stage,” FAS President Ali Nouri tells ABC about the new Sputnik V vaccine developed in Russia. 

It’s World Mask Week, Here Are 10 Misconceptions About Face Coverings
“Masks can reduce the amount of the virus that is transmitted to you, which can make a difference,” Ali Nouri tells Forbes about the efficacy of masks for #WorldMaskWeek.

World Mask Week movement launches to encourage use of face coverings to slow COVID-19 spread
“If you’re not masking, you’re not just putting yourself at risk but you’re putting other people at risk,” Ali Nouri tells USA Today about international efforts to encourage mask wearing, led by the Pandemic Action Network.

Advocates hail bipartisan Senate push to urge Americans to wear masks in public to slow spread of COVID-19
Together with Pandemic Action, we applaud the bipartisan effort of Senators Toomey (R-PA) and Bennett (D-CO) to urge Americans to #WearAMask in public. The science tells us masks work. So let’s wear them and save lives. Read about the bill here.

COVID-19 Disinformation Report
From #Plandemic to #Scamdemic, we’ve tracked the biggest stories in online disinformation from the past two weeks. You can read the full report on Russian vaccines, America’s Frontline Doctors, and “Fraudci” here.

Coronavirus Testing In Hot Spot States Is Declining — And Nobody Knows Why. That’s Bad.
“I think we’re all very much in the dark and quite confused about where the testing challenges are coming from and where the information gaps are coming from,” Coronavirus Task Force member Saskia Popescu tells BuzzFeed News.

Democrats And Republicans Agree: Phase Out Land-Based Nuclear Missiles
“It makes sense that both Democrats and Republicans would agree on phasing out ICBMs: they are outdated, destabilizing, and very expensive,” FAS’ Matt Korda writes about a new report from the University of Maryland that shows the unpopularity of ICBMs across the political spectrum.

Senate Commerce Committee homes in on consumer protection and enforcement in an era of rampant COVID-19-related scams
COVID-19-related scams have cost Americans an estimated $13 million dollars. How is the FTC combatting this widespread fraud? What can they do better? Read the latest CSPI newsletter to find out.

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