FAS Roundup – September 2, 2019

Federation of American Scientists joins leading science, engineering and international education organizations in calling for fairer treatment of foreign-born scientists in the face of policies that could put a chill on the participation of foreign nationals in the scientific enterprise.

New Missile Silo And DF-41 Launchers Seen In Chinese Nuclear Missile Training Area
In his latest Strategic Security blogHans Kristensen analyzes satellite photos that appear to show a new missile silo in China. “Instead, the Jilantai silo looks more like Russian ICBM silos. It is not yet complete but so far consists of what appears to be a 180-meter line-up path and a 30-meter missile loader pad next to the silo.”

Canada played a critical role in nuclear development. We should play a critical role in reparations
For CBC OpinionMatt Korda writes about the contradictions in Canada’s nuclear politics. “We played an essential role in their development, but we never built any bombs of our own.”

Can President Trump Really Tweet A Highly Classified Satellite Photo? Yep, He Can
“The classification system for national security information is not based in a law, it derives from the president’s own status as commander in chief,” FAS expert Steven Aftergood tells NPR after a controversial presidential tweet.

Experts Face BWC Tensions, Developments
For Arms Control Today, senior fellow Jenifer Mackby describes the advancements and anxieties that came out of the most recent meeting of the Biological Weapons Convention.

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