FAS Roundup – July 8, 2019

Expansion of Secrecy Law for Intelligence Operatives Alarms Free Press Advocates
Flashback Friday? In a New York Times piece evaluating updates to US secrecy laws, FAS expert Steven Aftergood says maybe the time isn’t quite so ripe. 


China’s Nuclear Strategy and Capabilities: A Conversation with Hans Kristensen
Listen to FAS expert Hans Kristensen join the CSIS ChinaPower podcast to discuss how China’s nuclear capabilities and doctrine have evolved in recent years.

North Korea’s missile program and nuclear weapons: What we know (and don’t)
Looking for a primer on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities? Look no further than this Popular Science article featuring FAS research associate Matt Korda.

Blast from the past: The Pentagon’s updated war plan for tactical nukes
What’s in a name like “tactical nukes”? FAS expert Steven Aftergood elaborates on the “prevail in conflict” doctrine guiding the US military on its nuclear position in this review of updates to policy.

Super Weapon? The Air Force Wants a (New) Nuclear Armed Cruise Missile
new National Interest blog uses research from FAS expert Hans Kristensen to consider the use of the Long-Range Standoff Weapon being developed by the USAF and what it means for the strategic nuclear missile placement.

FAS senior fellow Jenifer Mackby delivered a lecture on Arms Control in the Middle East North Africa Region to a course for diplomats at the Geneva Center for Security Policy, in Geneva, Switzerland.

What should be the research priorities of federal science agencies like the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Defense? The Congressional Science Policy Initiative invites you to share your research, your story, and your questions on the role of technology and science in climate change solutions so members of Congress can be fully-informed and science-minded.


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