FAS Roundup – August 26, 2019

Tactical nuclear weapons, 2019
In the latest Nuclear NotebookHans Kristensen and Matt Korda examine tactical nuclear weapons in world nuclear arsenals. The United States, Pakistan, and Russia are modernizing their tactical nuclear arsenals, adding new types to the inventory and increasing the role and salience of tactical nuclear weapons in their military strategies, undermining arms control agreements. 

Challenges Pile up on U.S.-South Korea Alliance Agenda
For the Council on Foreign Relations, FAS senior fellow Adam Mount explains how recent DPRK weapons developments have added even more challenges to the U.S.-ROK relationship. “In addition to North Korea’s developments, this summer has been a watershed moment for trends that threaten to compromise South Korea’s place in the region.”

The House calls on the Department of Defense to disclose Cold War-era bioweapons program secrets
Read the latest Congressional Science Policy Initiative Newsletter to learn why the House of Representatives has voted to compel the Department of Defense to disclose the full scope of its Cold War-era biological weapons program experiments that used ticks or insects, and whether there were any releases – unintentional or by design – of ticks or insects from laboratories.

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