FAS Roundup – December 24, 2018

By December 24, 2018

(Audio) Looking Back on 2018 in Asian Geopolitics

FAS’ Ankit Panda — and Prashanth Parameswaran — discuss six key trends across Asian geopolitics: from Trump administration departures and “America First” to the varied perception of the Indo-Pacific and progress within the Korean Peninsula. 

‘Last adult’ James Mattis leaves the room: what next for Asia?

Ankit Panda told SCMP: Mattis was the “most important symbol of foreign policy” across the Obama and Trump administrations. 

The only choice is both choices: balancing assurance and coercion in nonproliferation-focused alliance-management strategies

In Nonproliferation Review (requires paid access), Matt Korda explores historical case studies, concluding: the best way to prevent allies from pursuing nuclear weapons is to combine assurance with coercion. 

In the latest episode of Above The Fray, FAS President Ali Nouri discusses the recently enacted federal farm bill and its incentives for young farmers with Holy Hill Farm’s Jon Graziano.

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