FAS Roundup – November 12, 2018

By November 12, 2018

Government war spending since 9/11 exceeds $5.9 trillion

Steven Aftergood spoke at a briefing for Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss the Watson Institute at Brown University’s latest report. Aftergood discussed what contributed to a lack of government transparency and, ultimately, the public’s understanding of post-9/11 war costs. 

You can view the report’s official press release here.

Next HASC Chair Sees Need for Greater DoD Transparency

Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), the likely chair of the House Armed Services Committee in the next Congress, told colleagues that enhancing national security transparency is among his top oversight priorities. 

Defense Primers, and More from CRS
New and updated CRS reports include: Defense Primer: Geography, Strategy, and U.S. Force DesignThe DOD’s JEDI Cloud ProgramGlobal Trends in HIV/AIDS, and more. 

Steven Aftergood publishes analysis and new/updated Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports in the FAS Secrecy News blog. To subscribe to the FAS Secrecy News mailing list, click here.

Pence drops key US demand for Trump-Kim summit
Adam Mount told CNN: “Every time the [U.S.] issues and then abandons an unrealistic demand, it loses some credibility and momentum.” 

An X reveals a Diamond: locating Israeli Patriot batteries using radar interference
Matt Korda presents his findings on the FAS Strategic Security blog of his efforts to geolocate Israeli Patriot batteries using an imagery-adjustment technique that revealed other Middle Eastern batteries. 


Finland and Norway tell its pilots to prepare for flight without GPS
Hans Kristensen was quoted by Business Insider: “If your offensive military capabilities rely on GPS, guess what the adversary will try to do?.” 

Jenifer Mackby spoke about the Biological Weapons Convention in the Middle East and North Africa for an arms control training course for diplomats at the Geneva Center for Security Policy in Amman.

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