FAS Roundup – May 14, 2018

By May 14, 2018

FAS’ Adam Mount, Ph.D., appeared on CNN to discuss what additional steps need to be taken to limit North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and move toward denuclearization. 

What we talk about when we talk about North Korean denuclearization

“The Trump administration must be clearer about what it expects from Pyongyang.” 

US Intelligence: North Korean Nuclear Test Site Modifications Would Take ‘Weeks to Months’ to Reverse

by ANKIT PANDA, Adjunct Senior Fellow
DPRK test site changes not irreversible just yet. 

Is North Korea trying to get John Bolton fired?

ADAM MOUNT, Ph.D., Senior Fellow & Director, FAS Defense Posture Project, told CNN that Bolton is known for hawkish diplomacy in North Korea. 

North Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit over nuclear demands

Dr. ADAM MOUNT told The Guardian that the “North Koreans know how to make an explicit threat,” and this one might be a play for leverage. 

Fewer U.S. Voters Consider North Korea an Enemy, Poll Shows

Dr. ADAM MOUNT told Morning Consult that a less effective deal might result from North Korea talks if President Trump is looking for a political win. 

North Korea-US talks: Kim is in this for economic guarantees

ANKIT PANDA explained to BBC that sanctions relief on North Korea is “impossible,” and that “nothing can happen without the UN and the US.” 

North Korea just threatened to cancel the Trump-Kim meeting. Experts say it’s likely a bluff.

ANKIT PANDA said North Korea might be testing Trump in “diplomatic brinkmanship of sorts.” 

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