FAS Roundup – April 20, 2018

By April 20, 2018

What is US nuclear policy, exactly?

The US Nuclear Posture Reviews (NPR) are the nation’s primary statements of nuclear weapons policy, and each has been debated closely… 

Putin Polishes His Satellite Killer

By ANKIT PANDA, FAS Adjunct Senior Fellow
U.S. forces depend on satellites to guide bombs, drones, and troops. Russia is developing a missile to take the spacecraft out. 

STEVEN AFTERGOOD, Director of the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, published over 7 new entries in Secrecy News, including anupdated doctrine on homeland defense that provides guidance on cyberspace operations, unmanned aerial systems, and more:
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What US and North Korea mean when they talk about denuclearization

Dr. Adam Mount, Senior Fellow and Director of the FAS Defense Posture Project explains to CNN North Korea’s desire for a summit with the U.S. 

Pompeo sets an irreversible course to meet Kim that Trump may not want

Dr. Mount tells CNN that Sec. of State nominee Mike Pompeo’s North Korea visit is “strange” because it did not help release 3 U.S. prisoners. 

Pompeo’s meeting with Kim went “smoothly.” Trump’s meeting with Kim might not.

Dr. Mount tells Vox that “a thin and largely symbolic agreement is far preferable to war.” 

Trump and Kim May Meet in Sweden or Switzerland, Sources Say 

Dr. Mount calls U.S. contact with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un a “dramatic” development;
talks have to happen at a very high level.” 

Trump Trades ‘Fire and Fury’ for Diplomacy to Set Up Kim Meeting 

Dr. Mount tells Bloomberg that President Trump might “discard any script for the Kim summit laid out by his advisers.” 

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