FAS Roundup – April 3, 2017

By April 3, 2017

As announced last week, Dr. John P. Holdren, former President Obama’s science advisor, will join fellow senior scientists and engineers, Dr. Richard Meserve and Dr. Rodney Wilson, at FAS’s Science & Security Summit onFriday, April 21 (12-3 p.m.) at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Alongside the senior speakers will be three graduate-level scientists and engineers who represent their fields’ next generation of individuals dealing with matters of science, safety, and security. More details.


This Week in FAS

Both reports by the FAS U.S.-French Naval Nuclear Task Force are available to the public after the task force’s special briefings last week:

Steven Aftergood, director of the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, published several pieces in Secrecy News, including:

In the Press

“‘The national security adviser … would certainly be entitled to request unmasking in the course of his or her duties,’ said Steven Aftergood, who directs the [FAS] Project on Government Secrecy.”

“However, the CRS report [obtained by] theFederation of American Scientists, concluded that Trump’s fiscal 2018  defense buildup would breach the 2011 Budget Control Act …”

“‘There’s definitely a strategic signal every time the military does these long-range missions,’ said Hans M. Kristensen, who directs the [FAS] Nuclear Information Project …”

Events & Affiliate News

With facts themselves constantly contested, the urgency for nonpartisan,evidence-based research is greater now than ever before.

What roles do engineers and scientists have in this volatile political atmosphere? Where can these individuals contribute to global security and safety? How can scientists and engineers keep us safe?

Join us on FridayApril 21 alongside three senior and three graduate-level scientists and engineers, including Dr. John P. Holdrenformer President Obama’s science advisor, to confront these questions.

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