FAS Roundup – August 3, 2016

By August 3, 2016

Ploughshares Fund Spotlights Grantee Hans Kristensen

In response to the United States government’s $1 trillion strategy to revisit and ultimately rebuild its nuclear weapons stockpile, the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action sponsored an advertising campaign to bring awareness of the significance of the U.S.’ existing, let alone increasing, arsenal of nuclear weapons. To ensure accuracy in their campaign for maximum efficacy, the center contacted the Federation of American Scientists’ own Director of the Nuclear Information Project, Hans Kristensen, to verify the facts and guarantee the campaign’s integrity.

For the full article, visit the Ploughshares Fund’s website.

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A Burst of New Presidential Directives
by Steven Aftergood
President Obama’s Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 41 on United States Cyber Incident Coordination marks an unexplained surge in public releases of his PPDs, dating back to June 2015 with PPD 30. The one exception, however, is PPD 35, which is on United States Nuclear Weapons Command and Control, Safety, and Security.

Dozens of Leak Referrals Sent to Deptartment of Justice Each Year
by Steven Aftergood
Of the average 40 referrals of suspected criminal law violations sent to the Department of Justice per year in the past seven years, only a small portion of those investigated reports result in any criminal prosecution.

Chinese Nuclear Forces, 2016 (FAS Nuclear Notebook)
by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris
Published in volume 72, issue 4 of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, this edition of the Nuclear Notebook focuses squarely on China’s nuclear modernization program. With a reorganization of their command structure, China’s outlook on its nuclear policy and strategy may shift.

Improved Coordination of HUMINT Collection Sought
by Steven Aftergood
New directives from the Director of National Intelligence seek to better the security and coordination of human intelligence gathering for the sake of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence uses.

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