New FAS Podcast: Sanctions and Nonproliferation in Iran and North Korea

By June 25, 2012

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This week, FAS released a new issue brief, “Sanctions and Nonproliferation in North Korea and Iran,” co-authored by Mr. Daniel Wertz, Program Officer at the National Committee on North Korea, and Dr. Ali Vaez, former Director of the Iran Project at FAS, which offers a comparative analysis of U.S. policy towards Iran and North Korea.

Sanctions have played a major role in U.S. efforts for the denuclearization in Iran and North Korea. U.S. policymakers have had to find a balance between concerns over proliferation and other undesirable policies; between taking coercive action and considering humanitarian needs; and between taking immediate unilateral measures and seeking to build coalitions for a multilateral approach.

In a new edition of the FAS podcast series, “A Conversation with an Expert,” co-author Daniel Wertz discusses the similarities and differences in sanctions against North Korea and Iran,  the relationship between U.S. and UN sanctions, and China’s role as a trading partner with both countries.

Click here to download the podcast.

The podcast transcript is available here (PDF).

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