FAS Podcast: Biological Weapons and the Virtual Biosecurity Center

By June 3, 2012

Anthrax. Smallpox. Plague. We are familiar with these potential weapons of mass destruction, but how do they differ from other WMDs?

In a new edition of the FAS podcast series, “A Conversation with an Expert,” Ms. Kelsey Gregg, Manager of the Biosecurity Program and Virtual Biosecurity Center discusses biological weapons and how they differ from other types of weapons.

Additionally, Ms. Gregg discusses the Virtual Biosecurity Center, a program managed by FAS, which helped support the making of “The Anthrax Diaries,” a new documentary focused on the psychological and social issues faced by scientists who developed biological weapons.  The VBC  also provides a  ‘one stop shop’ for biosecurity information, education, best practices, and collaboration among government agencies, law enforcement, academia and non-governmental organizations.

You can listen to the podcast here.

The podcast transcript is available here (PDF).

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