Norway’s Anders Breivik: Biological Weapons

Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
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Along with other CBRN, Breivik calls for the use of biological weapons (BW) and toxins against the “cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites,” stressing that “Efforts must be made to obtain [them].”36
Despite claiming his “aim is to execute surgically precise attacks with a medium to low amount of casualties…” Breivik intended to use CBRN to cause mass casualties. In his treatise he defines “surgically precise” in a manner that is anything but:

“The number of civilian loses will be acceptable for certain targets. Certain target building complexes can contain as many as 30-50 category A traitors, 200-300 category B traitors and 2000-3000 category C traitors with an acceptable amount of civilians.”37

Weapons of mass destruction are intended for just that purpose—mass destruction. In calling for the surgical use of weapons to cause thousands of deaths—by no means a low casualty count–one can see the disparity between his stated purpose and his intended results.

As noted earlier, Breivik claims nuclear or radiological weapons will not be used by himself or his followers until at least 202038 and until then he urges his followers to use conventional, biological, and chemical weapons. To incentivize the use of BWs, he created a commendation system explicitly laid out within the treatise. For example, the ‘Lord of War Commendation: Silver Sword’ is to be awarded to individuals who “execut[ed]/kill[ed] at least 10 category A, B or C traitors… [with] a biological or chemical WMD…” and the ‘Commendation of Clandestine Logistical Excellence: Gold Sword’ to be awarded for “…exceptional logistical skills in a military operation… involving conventional weapons with an unconventional WMD, biological, nuclear, etc.”39

Specific Biological Agents

Breivik’s treatise focused on Bacillus anthracis (the causative agent of anthrax), ricin, and concentrated liquid nicotine. Fortunately, Breivik neglected the obvious and relatively easy to acquire BWs such as botulinum neurotoxin and Foot and Mouth Disease—both of which could have massive social and economic ramifications if deployed effectively. Aeorsolized anthrax, nicotine, and ricin are considered deadly BWs,40but Breivik only mentions the use of aersolized anthrax. He focuses instead on using un-aerosolized ricin and nicotine for armed assaults.41 Breivik’s understanding of the social implications of BW attacks is well grounded and he is capable of making and/or obtaining ricin and nicotine for assault use. However, Breivik’s ability to obtain weapons grade anthrax and toxins is less likely.

ANTHRAX: While Breivik discusses Bacillus anthracis at great length, he lacks the necessary knowledge to culture and weaponize the spores himself. For example, his laboratory equipment list does not include basic bacterial culturing equipment, such as incubators, centrifuges, and fermentors. Breivik also recommends getting an anthrax vaccination, but does not appear to understand that the vaccine is not available to the general public.42

Breivik understands that the technology required to weaponize B. anthracis spores is likely too costly and involved to allow for a single individual to successfully accomplish the task alone.43 Therefore, he recommends contacting the “Christian Nationalists” in the Middle East for sympathetic “… scientists or any other competent individuals who might be of assistance in developing biological/chemical compounds or whom are willing to use their networks to obtain high grade anthrax etc.”44 Breivik also recommends the Russian Mafia45 and to a much lesser degree, jihadist groups and Iran46 as possible sources for acquiring BW capability.

In terms of B. anthracis deployment, Breivik identifies the 2001 anthrax attacks as “a good anthrax campaign”47 and advocates similar targeted anthrax mailing campaigns across Europe, including targets in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. Breivik’s plan seems logical and could be devastating if accomplished. The main barrier to his plan is acquiring the large amounts of anthrax he calculated for the attacks (409 – 818 kilograms). Breivik seems to understand this barrier, and supports using a hoax powder as a scare tactic. Breivik muses that in the hoax aftermath:

“Many cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites will defect, quit politics, their media, university, artist position as a result. Some may even realise [sic] what they are doing/have done and may join our struggle. Many of the so called “category A and B” traitors aren’t truly cultural Marxists/ multiculturalists. Many are just “going with the flow” and will therefore reevaluate their involvement in future activities.”48

TOXINS: Breivik was capable of safe, crude extraction of the deadly toxins ricin49 and nicotine50 from, respectively, the Castor bean and dried tobacco leaf. However, these extraction methods do not create weapons grade toxins.

Ricin: Breivik’s limited knowledge hinders his ability to even identify an average lethal dose of ricin. He cites four different sources for this dose, with estimates ranging from 1mg to about 70mg. Part of his confusion stems from the fact that a toxin’s route of entry (aerosol, ingestion, injection) affects the amount needed for a lethal dose. This amount is quantified by the LD50 (the lethal dose at which 50% of people will die if exposed). He lists the LD50 for ricin at 60mg for a 75kg man (about 165 lbs),51 which is a few orders of magnitude off for any entry route. For a 75 kg man, the LD50 should be about 1,500mg if the toxin was ingested, and it would be around 0.4mg if the toxin was injected or inhaled.52

Nicotine: In addition to the available crude extraction methods, Breivik recommends purchasing pure or diluted liquid nicotine (for boiling down).53 Breivik details how he created a cover identity as an e-cigarette researcher to obtain 50mL of pure liquid nicotine from a Chinese company with “… no complications whatsoever.”54 This information is unsettling as we may see more people similarly acquiring this toxin for nefarious purposes.

Poison bullets: Breivik planned to create ‘poison bullets’55 to ensure the death of his victims. The poisons—ricin and nicotine—were to be injected into the tips of hollow point bullets. However, Breivik seems more fascinated with the idea of poison bullets than their practicality since the quickest, cheapest, and least labor intensive method to ensure a victim’s death would be to just shoot them again.

It is also questionable whether or not a lethal dose of toxin would even survive the heat generated by firing a round. According to infrared data for a .30 caliber round,56 the tip of a bullet can reach 170°C (338°F), and the portions in contact with the gun barrel can reach 320°C (608°F).57 It is therefore possible that a toxin within a hollow point bullet could reach temperatures near 170°C for approximately one second.58 Even during this short time frame, one could expect some loss of toxicity based on the thermostability of ricin59 and nicotine.60

More worrisome than the assault scenario presented above is the scenario Breivik described of releasing chemical and/or biological agents into a building’s ventilation system.61 This mass casualty scenario, at least for biological agents and toxins, is luckily hindered by the technology involved and his ability to acquire weapons grade materials from outside sources.

Summary of Biological Agents and Weapons

Breivik understands that along with possible high fatality rates (without the loss of infrastructure), massive media coverage, economic damage, and intense psychological effects, there are other ‘good’ reasons for attempting a BW attack.62 For many technical reasons,63 Breivik himself was not capable of creating and deploying biological weapons, but his planning and resolve to manipulate people and organizations in order to acquire weaponized biological materials is troubling.


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