Federation of American Scientists Module 1.0: Introduction
Topic: Control Efforts Subtopic: Biological Weapons Convention

Biological Weapons Convention Image
Provisions of the Biological Weapons Convention (summary):
forbid the development, production, stockpiling, or acquisition of biological agents or toxins that have no justification for peaceful or defensive purposes;
forbid the development, production, stockpiling, or acquisition of equipment to deliver biological agents or toxins for hostile purposes;
obligate States Parties to destroy or divert to peaceful purposes their existing stocks of prohibited items;
forbid the transferal of prohibited items to anyone or otherwise helping in the manufacture or acquisition of biological weapons;
protect the rights of States Parties to exchange equipment, materials, and scientific and technological information for peaceful purposes in order to avoid hampering their economic and technological development;
commit States Parties to cooperate in solving any problems through consultation and in carrying out any investigation initiated by the UN Security Council; and
commit State Parties to provide assistance to others that have been attacked using biological weapons

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