Federation of American Scientists Case Studies in Dual Use Biological Research Module 5.0: Antibiotic Resistance Case Study
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Chaimerlain A, Gronvall GK, "The Science of Biodefense: RNAi," Biosecurity and Bioterrorism , 5:104-106 (2007).
This article was published in the "Science for Policymakers" column of Biosecurity and Bioterrorism. The column is aimed at informing key decision makers about scientific advancements that affect biosecurity and biodefence. Chaimberlain and Gronvall briefly outline what RNAi is, how it works, the potential clinical and countermeasure benefits and the potential dual-use applications of the technology.
Nature Reviews - RNAi Collection, Animated tour through the process of RNA interference, created by Arkitek Studios for Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Publishing Group (2006).
As part of its RNAi Collection, Nature Reviews Genetics and Arkitek Studios present an animated tour through the process of RNA interference. The animation is divided into three seperate parts, Gene expression, Gene silencing and RNAi amplification and includes a glossary of molecules and enzymes in the animations.

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