Arms Trade Related Organizations

Human Rights and Democracy

Amnesty International.
Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Watch Arms Project.

Arms Trade and Disarmament: Information and Analysis

Arms Trade Newsgroup Archives, maintained by David Isenberg.
British American Security Information Council, (BASIC).
Center for Defense Information.
Council for a Livable World Education Fund, Conventional Arms Transfer Project.
Earth Action, International Code of Conduct Campaign.
International Action Network on Small Arms, (IANSA).
Just the Facts: Guide to US Security Assistance to Latin America, Latin American Working Group / Center for International Policy.
Monterey Institute for International Security, Program on Security and Development.
Mother Jones, US Arms Sales Action Atlas.
Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers.
Project Ploughshares.
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, (SIPRI).
United Nations Department of Disarmament Affairs, Conventional Arms Branch.
World Policy Institute, Arms Trade Resource Center.

Arms Trade and Disarmament: Grassroots Advocacy

20/20 Vision.
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, Canada.
Friends Committee on National Legislation.
Peace Action Education Fund.

Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict.
The Carter Center.
The Fund for Peace.

Banning Landmines

German Initiative to Ban Landmines.
International Campaign to Ban Landmines.
International Committee of the Red Cross.
Senator Leahy's Landmine Homepage.
United Nations Mine Clearance Page.
US Army Demining & Humanitarian Page.
US Campaign to Ban Landmines.
Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation-Landmines Campaign.

Economic Conversion

Bonn International Centre for Conversion, (BICC).
Center for Economic Conversion.
National Commission for Economic Conversion and Development.

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