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arms transfer working group, government documents, descriptions of weapon systems,  links
Bills and Laws  | Bills and public laws relating to arms transfers and foreign military assistance
U.S. Government Documents | Fact sheets, reports, primary laws and regulations, reports, and testimony relating to U.S. arms export policy
U.S. Government Links | Key government websites for those interested in the arms trade
U.S. Arms Transfers Eligibility Criteria Index  | U.S. laws and International Agreements that restrict military assistance, including military equipment, weapons and military training
Foreign Export Information  | Arms export policies, annual export reports, etc. from foreign states
World Military Expenditures | Links to foreign and world military expenditures
International Organizations | Links to International Organizations
Arms Transfer Working Group | An alliance of national organizations working on arms transfer issues
NGO Links | An index of non-governmental organizations working in related fields
Descriptions of Weapons | Details about U.S. weapons systems

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