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 Executive Branch


 The White House

National Security Council (NSC)

Recent Press Releases

Recent Press Briefings

Archive of White House Documents

 Presidential Offset Commission

Department of State

Press Briefings

Press Statements

Secretary of State's Speeches, Testimony, etc.

Other State Official's Speeches, Testimony, etc. 

Office of Defense Trade Controls: Arms export licensing office

International Affairs (Function 150) Budget Requests (Includes military aid & training)

Bureau of Resource Management

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

Bureau of Arms Control

 Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Small Arms

International Information Programs (Formerly U.S. Information Agency)

Washington File from International Information Programs

List of Independent States  |  Embargo Chart

Department of Defense

Defense Security Cooperation Agency

Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management

 Office of the Inspector General

Department of Commerce

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) (formerly The Bureau of Export Administration [BXA]): Controls dual-use military exports

BIS Press Releases,Speeches, and Testimony 

Annual Reports on Foreign Policy Export Controls

Department of Homeland Security


Central Intelligence Agency

CIA World Factbook

CIA Maps and Publications

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Legislative Services

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