Arms Transfers to Taiwan: 1993 to Present

The Clinton Administration notified Congress of the following proposed government-negotiated Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreements, export licenses for industry-negotiated Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), leases of equipment, and reduced price or free excess defense article (EDA) transfers to Taiwan. The Arms Export Control Act requires only that the administration notify Congress of FMS and DCS valued at $14 million or more. Sales below that threshold are not recorded here. Congress has 30 days to stop proposed FMS agreements or DCS licenses from going forward. To block a sale, a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress must pass a resolution of disapproval. None of the following sales were challenged.

Note: Items marked with asterisks (**) have been reported in trade press but not yet published in the Federal Register or EDA database.

Date of Notice Description of Equipment Transfer Type Price
3/2/2000 Conversion of TPS-43F air surveillance radar to TPS-75V configuration; Northrop Grumman. FMS $96 M
3/2/2000 162 HAWK Intercept Aerial guided missiles; Raytheon. FMS $106 M
2/23/2000 **18 engines for Chinook CH-47D and Super D; Allied Signal Engines. FMS $23.4 M
2/16/2000 **20 Portable Search and Target Acquisition Radars (PSTARs); Lockheed Martin. FMS $18 million
1/19/2000 **Nine CH-47SD Chinook transport helicopters; Boeing. FMS $300 million plus
7/31/1999 Two E-2T Hawkeye 2000E aircraft, two AN/APS-145 radars, two T56-A-427 engines, two OE-335/A antenna groups, two Mission Computer Upgrade/Advanced Control Indicator Sets, two Passive Detection System upgrades, and associated equipment and support; Northrop Grumman. FMS $400 million
7/30/1999 Spare parts for F-5E/F, C-130H, Indigenous Defense Fighter, F-16A/B with Block 15 Mid-Life Upgrade. FMS $150 million
5/28/1999 Five exportable AN/VRC-92E SINCGARS radio systems, five Commercial Off-the Shelf/Non-Developmental Item (COTS/NDI) Intelligence Electronic Warfare (IEW) systems to be provided by a commercial contractor, five HMMWV, spare and repair parts, equipment, training, and related support. FMS/DCS $64 million
5/26/1999 240 AGM-114K3 HELLFIRE II Air-to-Surface Anti-Armor missiles, parts, equipment, and other related support, from Lockheed Martin FMS $23 million
5/17/1999 **Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) system with 24 wing pods, six sets of display and debriefing equipment, other related support, by Cubic Defense Systems. FMS $28 million
12/18/1998 FF 1086 Knox-Class Frigate (USS Brewton) EDA $2,667,400
12/18/1998 FF 1073 Knox-Class Frigate (USS Robert Peary) EDA $3,230,300
12/18/1998 FF 1087 Knox-Class Frigate (USS Kirk) EDA $2,906,700
12/18/1998 FF 1083 Knox-Class Frigate (USS Cook) EDA $2,598,000
12/18/1998 FF 1088 Knox-Class Frigate (USS Barbey) EDA $2,884,000
12/18/1998 LSD 38 Anchorage-Class Dock Landing Ship (USS Pensacola) EDA $6,293,800
12/18/1998 LST 1180 Newport-Class Tank Landing Ship (USS Manitowic) EDA $3,574,600
12/18/1998 FF 1078 Knox-Class Frigate (USS Joseph Hewes) EDA $2,842,200
12/18/1998 LST 1181 Newport-Class Tank Landing Ship (USS Sumter) EDA $3,528,900
10/9/1998 **Three Boeing CH-47SD CHINOOK helicopters, plus material order for production of six more Chinooks and related support service. FMS $235 million
9/22/1998 "KNOX" class frigate USS KIRK (FF 1087) and associated equipment lease $8,189,089
9/15/1998 Fifty eight HARPOON missiles, eight HARPOON training missiles, containers, HARPOON interface adapter kits, parts, equipment, training, and other support. FMS $101 million
8/28/1998 Fifty MIM-72J Chaparral guided missiles, one ARS 40 USS hoist rescue and salvage vessel EDA $1,621,050
8/27/1998 61 Dual Mount STINGER Missile Systems consisting of: 61 Dual Mount STINGER (DMS) launchers (includes elevation assembly, tripod assembly, and sights) with coolant units, 61 STINGER RMP (-) captive flight trainers, 728 complete STINGER RMP (-) missile rounds (less battery coolant unit), 132 AN/VRC-91 export version SINCGAR radios, spare and repair parts, support equipment, Interrogator Friend or Foe interrogator sets, interrogator programmers, utility carrier trucks, aerial flight handling and launcher trainers, gas bottles, coolant units, publications and documentation data, personnel training and training equipment, U.S. Government and contractor engineering and logistics personnel services, U.S. Government Quality Assurance Teams, Mobile Training Teams, and other related elements of logistics support. FMS 180, 000,000 total: 96, 000,000 and 84,000,000
8/27/1998 131 MK 46 MOD 5 (A)S torpedoes, containers, support and test equipment, publications and technical documentation, engineering and technical assistance, supply support and other related elements of logistics support. FMS 69,000,000 total: 58,000,000 and 11,000,000
7/20/1998 Licensed production, involving the transfer of 77 F124 aircraft engines to the Czech Republic for use on L-159 aircraft. DCS
6/1/1998 28 sets of PATHFINDER/SHARPSHOOTER navigation and targeting pods, integration of the pods with the F-16A/B aircraft, flight testing, personnel training and training equipment, publicaions and technical data, U.S. government and contractor engineering and logistics personnel services, spare and repair parts, support FMS $160 million
4/14/1998 5"/54 projectiles and other explosives FMS >$1 M
4/13/1998 KNOX class frigate lease ?
3/17/1998 2 Ambient Noise Buoys lease ?
3/5/1998 Chaparral system equipment and support EDA sale
3/5/1998 100 Hughes SM-1 "Standard" medium-range missiles EDA sale
3/5/1998 two harbour tugs EDA sale
2/24/1998 licensed production of 40mm ammunition DCS ?
2/18/1998 Four S-70A helicopters DCS >$14 mil.
1/28/1998 3 "Knox"-class frigates; 15 "Phalanx" close-in weapons systems and 30,000 rounds of 20mm ammo; one AN/SWG-1A "Harpoon" launcher FMS $300million
11/24/1997 Three Knox-class frigates and associated equipment lease ?
11/10/1997 Continuation of pilot training program and logistical support for F-16 aircraft, including parts, fuels, support FMS $280 million
11/10/1997 Spare parts for F-5B/E/F, F-104, F-16, C-130, C-119, C-47,and T-38 aircraft and for U.S. systems and sub-systems in the "Indigenous Defense Fighter" aircraft FMS $140 million
10/28/1997 2.75" (HYDRA-70) Rockets FMS >$1 M
9/3/1997 13 Bell OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior" armed scout helicopters,13 engines, 13 "Hellfire" rocket launchers, rockets, ammo FMS $172 million
7/24/1997 21 Bell Textron AH-1W "Super Cobra" attack helicopters,spares, training, and support FMS $479 million
6/18/1997 Excess Knox-class training devices EDA $27,400
5/23/1997 1,786 TOW 2A anti-armor guided missiles and 114 TOW launchers, made by Hughes Aircraft Co.; 100 M1045A2High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles trucks,spare parts, program support FMS $80 million
5/7/1997 Gun mount, barrel and power panel for the 5/54 naval naval gun EDA $88,813
4/21/1997 Two Knox-class frigates, to be sold as logistics assets EDA $4.5 million
4/10/1997 Tank landing ship Newport (LST 1179) and associated equipment Lease-2 years $3,048,336
4/10/1997 Rocsat I scientific satellite along with associated hardware and ground support equipment DCS ?
4/1/1997 Upgrade of previously sold 114 SM-1 Block VIA"Standard" missiles to 114 SM-1 Block VIB FMS ?
2/25/1997 Improved Radar Warning Receiver (IRWR) Production Systems, associated support equipment, test equipment and spares DCS >$14M
2/14/1997 54 McDonnell Douglas HARPOON ship-to-ship missiles and equipment FMS $95 million
2/1/1997 114 SM-1 BLOCK VIB STANDARD missiles in lieu of 114 SM-1 BLOCK VIA STANDARD missiles sold 4 August 1992 FMS ---
12/9/1996 Tank landing ship Sumter and equipment lease $11.2 million, rental charge of $5.1 million
9/5/1996 110 Alliant Techsystems MK-46 MOD 5 torpedoes FMS $66 M
9/2/1996 Newport-class tank landing ship lease ?
8/23/1996 1,299 Stinger-RMP missiles, 74 standard vehicle mounted launchers, 96 High-Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMPW) Vehicles; 74 trainer missiles; 500 rounds .50 caliber ammunition. FMS $420 M
6/24/1996 300 M60A3 main battle tanks with thermal sights and 105mm gun; 30 spare tank engines; 315 PVS-7B night vision goggles; 330 M240 machine guns; smoke grenade launchers; support and training EDA/FMS $223 M
5/23/1996 465 Hughes Stinger-RMP missiles; 55 dual-mount-ed Stinger missile launch systems; 55 trainer missiles; spares FMS $84 M
5/17/1996 Tank landing ship lease free
5/10/1996 30 Bell Textron TH-67 training helicopters, 30 sets of AN/AVS-6 night vision goggles, support FMS $53 M
5/10/1996 GTE tactical communications system FMS $188 M
3/5/1996 Eight M-48A2 Chaparral anti-aircraft missile launchers, 148 Chaparral anti-aircraft missiles EDA $2.5 M
2/9/1996 3 Knox-class frigates EDA $8.3 M
7/13/1995 21 Northrop Grumman AT-38B trainer aircraft 2 year lease free
6/8/1995 Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Agreement to support aircraft, radars and avionics FMS $192 M
4/6/1995 Manufacturing license for mortar, artillery shells DCS >$50 M
3/24/1995 6 OTO Melara Mk-75 76mm guns; 6 Hughes PHALANX 20mm guns, ammunition; spares and support FMS $75 M
9/13/1994 One FMC Mk-45 5" gun, spares and support FMS $21 M
8/1/1994 80 Raytheon AN/ALQ-184 ECM pods, spares, and support FMS $150 M
6/29/1994 Licence to manufacture SINCGARS radios DCS >$50 M
6/9/1994 20 AT-38 and 40 T-38 trainer aircraft, 18 spare engines, spares and support lease Free
5/18/1994 3 Newport-class tank landing ships 2 year lease $4,700,000
12/10/1993 65 20mm M61A1E2 cannon for Indigenous Defense Fighter DCS >$14 M
12/1/1993 1 Mk41 Vertical Launch System, equipment, and support DCS $103 M

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