Arms Transfers to Saudi Arabia: 1990 to Present

Since 1990 the U.S. administration has notified Congress of the following proposed government-negotiated Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreements, export licenses for industry-negotiated Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), or leases of military equipment to Saudi Arabia. The Arms Export Control Act requires only that the administration notify Congress of FMS and DCS valued at $14 million or more. Sales below that threshold are not recorded here.

Note: Items marked with asterisks (**) have been reported in trade press but not yet published in the Federal Register or EDA database.

Date of Notice Description of Equipment Transfer Type Price
2/2/2000 Communication equipment for the continuation of the U.S. supported effort to modernize Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) to include 520 AN/VRC-90, 300 AN/VRC-92 and 300 AN/PRC-199 advanced tactical communications systems, 50 very high frequency RT-1702E receiver transmitter modules, radio, installation kits, and related parts and support; ITT. FMS $65 million
7/16/1998 training and support services, spare parts FMS $831 million
5/20/1998 defense services related to the operation, training, maintenance, and system enhancements for the "Peace Shield" command, control, and communications system DCS >$50 million
4/21/1998 Upgrade 1500 AIM-9L missiles to the Raytheon AIM-9M configuration; possible sale of five sets of PATHFINDER/SHARPSHOOTER navigation and targeting pods FMS $115 million
3/30/1998 upgrades of 300 AIM-7M Air-to-Air missiles FMS >$14 million
3/30/1998 upgrades of 700 GBU-10 Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs FMS >$14 million
12/4/1997 Training, operation and maintenance of "Peace Shield" air defense command, control and communication system DCS $300 million
11/9/1997 Installation of modified bomb racks on F-15S aircraft FMS $12.5 million
7/22/1997 130 90mm Turret Weapon Systems for integration into Light Armored Vehicles, chassis upgrades, 130 M240 machine guns, 130 M2 .50 caliber machine guns, 169,490 rounds of 90mm ammunition, spares, support. The prime contractor is GM Canada, with Cockerill Mechanical Industries as subcontractor. FMS $1.075 billion
7/22/1997 465 AN/VRC-90, 355 AN/VRC-92 and 404 AN/VRC-119radios, 42 RT-1702C receiver transmitter, high frequency radios, installation kits, spares, and support. Principal contractors are ITT and Harris Corporation. FMS $53 million
7/11/1997 Maintenance and construction in support of previously soldAirborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), andKE-3 aerial refueling tankers. Boeing is the prime contractor. FMS $300 million
6/27/1997 15 M577A2 tracked command post carriers EDA $969,390
6/20/1997 Technical data and assistance for F-5 aircraft program DCS >$50 million
6/20/1997 Technical data and assistance for F-5 aircraft program DCS >$50 million
11/26/1996 Follow-on contract to provide support for HAWK and Patriot Air Defense systems DCS ?
9/26/1996 Sustain and support to Royal Air Force air defense; command, control and communication systems FMS $2,500 M
9/5/1996 Installation of Tactical Airborne Surveillance System (TASS) on E-6 aircraft; one KE-3B aircraft; related support and upgrades FMS $350 M
9/5/1996 Naval forces personnel training in United States FMS $176 M
4/15/1996 Upgrade of Raytheon Hawk surface-to-air missiles FMS $273 M
4/15/1996 Support of F-5, F-15, E-3, C-130 aircraft, F100, F220E, F229, T56, CFM56 aircraft engines and AGM-65, AIM-7, AIM-9 missiles FMS $100 M
11/9/1995 556 Rockwell GBU-15 guided bomb units, 48 data links FMS $371 M
10/10/1995 Spares for F-5, F-15, C-130, E-3A aircraft, radars FMS $200 M
9/6/1995 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction services FMS $500 M
9/6/1995 Maintenance and training support for F-15S aircraft FMS $850 M
6/28/1995 Licence for AEC of Saudi Arabia to make Airfoil and Computer Control Group for the Texas Instruments GBU-10 laser-guided bomb DCS >$50 M
6/7/1995 52 United Defense M-577A2 command/communications vehicles EDA $3.36 M
3/24/1995 130 turrets for General Motors Light Armored Vehicles, 195,000 rounds of 90mm ammunition, construction, support FMS $690 M
3/16/1995 Support services for Northrop F-5 aircraft DCS >$50 M
3/16/1995 Training, operational and logistical services for Saudi National Guard DCS >$50 M
8/18/1994 Support services for Lockheed C-130 and CASA CN-235 DCS >$50 M
3/10/1994 License for Lear Siegler to supply, repair and overhaul various aircraft, ground equipment and navigation aids DCS >$14 M

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