Arms Transfers to Egypt: 1993 to Present

The U.S. administration has notified Congress of the following proposed government-negotiated Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreements, export licenses for industry-negotiated Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), or leases of military equipment to Egypt. The Arms Export Control Act requires only that the administration notify Congress of FMS and DCS valued at $14 million or more. Sales below that threshold are not recorded here.

Note: Items marked with asterisks (**) have been reported in trade press but not yet published in the Federal Register or EDA database.

Date of Notice Description Transfer Type Cost
2/28/2000 Onboard spare parts EDA >$1M
2/28/2000 1 LST 1183 Tank landing ship (USS Peoria) EDA $1,990,300
2/28/2000 **Second Armed Forces Combat Training Center (AFCTC-2), including battalion vs. battalion, force-on-force exercise instrumentation system using Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and an advanced data communications system; Science Applications International Corp (SAIC). ? ?
2/28/2000 Fifteen LANTIRN Navigation pods, 15 Sharpshooter targeting pods, associated aircraft integration, training, support equipment; Lockheed Martin. FMS $90 M
2/28/2000 1 LST 1195 Tank landing ship (USS Barbour County) EDA $2,032,600
2/28/2000 Onboard spare parts EDA >$1M
2/10/2000 10 M60A3TTS Main Battle Tanks EDA free
1/11/2000 **39 AN/ALQ-131 electronic countermeasures (ECM) system Block II conversion kits; Northrop Grumman FMS $39 million
12/3/1999 **Ugrade of E-2C Hawkeye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft; Northrop Grumman. FMS $138 million
11/5/1999 Modification/upgrade of five AN/TPS-59(V)2 radar systems to the AN/TPS-59(V)3 configuration consisting of the procurement and installation of five AN/TPS-59(V)3E Theater Missile Defense Modified Shelters, five Array Modification Kits, and Command and Control Operation Shelter Interfaces with associated equipment, training, and support; prime contractor is Lockheed Martin. FMS $85 million
11/5/1999 200 Guided Missiles, Intercept-Aerial EDA free
10/28/1999 Two Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft including four Rolls-Royce engines (two per aircraft) and related support; prime contractor Gulfstream Aerospace. FMS $180 million
10/28/1999 239 High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), parts, training, and equipment; AM General. FMS $30 million (FMF grant)
9/28/1999 Helicopter parts EDA free
9/28/1999 Aircraft parts EDA free
9/28/1999 Armored vehicle parts EDA free
9/1/1999 5,000 N463 Fuzes, Proximity, M728 EDA free
7/16/1999 Co-production of 100 M1A1 Abrams tanks to include 100 M256 Armament Systems, 100 M2 .50 caliber machine guns, 200 M240 7.62mm machine guns, 12 M16A2 rifles, plus parts, training, equipment and support; General Dynamics FMS $564 million
7/12/1999 Six AN/TPQ-36(V)7 FIREFINDER radar sets, 16 AN/VRC-90E SINCGAR radio systems, six commercial M1097A2 HMMWV trucks, plus equipment, parts and support, Raytheon. FMS $50 million
7/12/1999 Two UH-60L VIP BLACKHAWK utility helicoptersplus engines, parts, equipment and support FMS $38 million
6/16/1999 Five E-2C Update Group II Mission Suite retrofit kits including AN/APS-145 Radar (Category XII) for existing E-2C aircraft, and associated parts, equipment, training and other support, Northrop Grumman, to maintain its Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system. FMS $210 million
6/8/1999 Twenty four SP 122 122mm self-propelled howitzers, United Defense DCS $27 million
4/22/1999 1 AN/TSM-146 Shop Equipment / Field Maintenance Equipment EDA free
4/22/1999 1 AN/TSM-107 Hawk Shop Equipment EDA free
4/22/1999 1 AN/MPQ-55 Hawk Radar EDA free
4/22/1999 1 AN/TSM-169 Shop Equipment / Field Maintenance Equipment EDA free
4/22/1999 1,072 MIM-72E Chaparrel Guided Missiles EDA free
4/22/1999 208 5 Inch 54 Millimeter Ammunition EDA free
4/22/1999 1 AN/TSM-104 Shop Equipment / Field Maintenance Equipment EDA free
4/22/1999 2 XM501E3 Hawkloader Transporters EDA free
4/22/1999 2 M-192E1 Launchers, Zero Length EDA free
4/22/1999 2 AN/GSA-132A Control Box, Launch Station EDA free
4/22/1999 1 AN/MPQ-57 Hawk Radar Set EDA free
4/22/1999 25 I-Hawk Improved Range-Only Radar EDA free
4/22/1999 1 AN/TSM-105 Shop Equipment, Mobile Team shop EDA free
4/22/1999 1 Radar, I-Hawk Improved Pulse Acquisition EDA free
4/12/1999 24 F 16C/D Block 40 aircraft; 28 F110-GE-100B engines; 24 AN/APG-68 radar; Block 40 upgrade configuration to include integration capability to employ the HARPOON, Heads Up Display, Multiple Boresight Indicator, Egyptian Identification Friend or Foe, and Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System. Associated equipment, support, training, and services. FMS $1.2 billion
3/11/1999 555 M-1A1 tanks and 196 F-16 fighters subsidized
3/11/1999 Eight Patriot 3 missile system fire units, 24 additional F-16 fighters and 200 M-1A1 tank kits FMS subsidized with $3.2 billion in aid
3/7/1999 60 M48A3 Chaparrel Launchers EDA free
11/3/1998 1 E-2C Hawkeye Aircraft EDA free
9/18/1998 Upgrade of 40 ALQ-131 Block I to Block II pods, possible sale of 40 ALQ-131 receiver processors, parts, support and training; principal contractors, Northrop-Grumman and Lockheed Martin. FMS $76 million
9/16/1998 Upgrade of six CH-47C CHINOOK helicopters to the newer CH-47D configuration, parts, training, equipment and support. FMS $203 million
9/9/1998 F-16 Depot Level Maintenance Program including depot level repair capability for landing gear, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel, electrical; instrument and environmental/oxygen components; construction; training and training equipment; support equipment; publications and technical data; U.S. Government and contractor representatives; spare and repair parts; and other related elements of program support. FMS 200,000,000
5/20/1998 68 SM-1 STANDARD missiles EDA free
4/28/1998 STINGER RMP Type III Missiles FMS >$1 M
4/22/1998 5 M728 combat engineering vehicles EDA free
3/25/1998 1,058 Hughes vehicle-mounted "Stinger" RMP Type III anti-aircraft missiles; 50 "Avenger" systems, turrets and vehicle-mounted launchers; launch pods on Humvees; M3P machine guns; Forward Looking Infrared Range; laser range finder; interrogator; support FMS $304M
2/17/1998 onboard small arms, spare parts, and fuel EDA $2,705,580
2/5/1998 2 "Perry"-class frigates; 2 "Knox"-class frigates; 42 "Harpoon" anti-ship missiles and containers; upgrade kits for 20 "Standard" naval missiles; ammunition; support FMS $355M
1/26/1998 AN/TSQ-73 Raytheon Corp. "Hawk" missile control EDA free
1/7/1998 30 mine-clearing rakes EDA free
11/10/1997 50 M88A2 recovery vehicle kits, co-produced, 53 M2 machine guns, 100 AN/PVS-7B night visions goggles, spare parts FMS $197.9M
10/29/1997 14 Lockheed Martin mobile Advanced Gunnery Training Systems, spares, support, and training FMS $23M
10/3/1997 For EAF training munitions requirements FMS >$1 M
9/3/1997 Four Boeing CH-47D "Chinook" helicopters and parts FMS $149M
9/3/1997 84 Alliant Tech MK-46 torpedoes with containers, MK-85 exercise heads, warheads, training, support, parts FMS $32M
9/3/1997 Medical equipment, training, support FMS $100M
9/3/1997 32 McDonnell Douglas AGM-84G (Block 1G) "Harpoon" missiles with containers, training, equipment FMS $51M
6/26/1997 3 Kaman SH-2 "Seasprite" anti-submarine helos EDA free
4/21/1997 Two Knox-class frigates, to be sold as logistics assets only; 2 Knox-class frigates; 2 Perry-class frigates EDA $133.6M
3/12/1997 5,000,000 50 caliber ammunition; 2,000 M119A 155mm propelling charges EDA free
12/5/1996 Four M85 machine guns EDA free
9/16/1996 271 Raytheon/Hughes AIM-7M Sparrow air-to-air missiles FMS $80 M
9/16/1996 Upgrade of 40 F-16A/B Pratt and Whitney engines, support, spare parts, service FMS $86 M
9/16/1996 2 Gulf Stream IV-SP transport aircraft, 2 spare engines FMS $80 M
9/5/1996 Upgrade Raytheon HAWK missile system, ground equipment FMS $303 M
9/5/1996 3 Raytheon HAWK training missiles EDA free
9/5/1996 314 Raytheon AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles, related support, 30 training missiles FMS $34 M
7/29/1996 Perry-class guided-missile frigate; 35 SM-1 Standard surface-to-air missiles; 12 Alliant Techsystems Mk-46 torpedoes; 50 rounds of 40mm ammo; 4,000 rounds of 20mm PHALANX ammunition FMS $106 M
5/17/1996 144 M110A2 self-propelled howitzers EDA free
5/10/1996 2,372 Hughes TOW2A anti-tank missiles, support DCS $59 M
4/15/1996 Perry-class guided-missile frigate; 40 SM-1 Standard surface-to-air missiles; 24 Alliant Tech-systems Mk-46 torpedoes; 100 rounds of 40mm ammo; 8,000 rounds of 20mm ammo FMS $188 M
4/15/1996 1,000 Lockheed Martin Hellfire II air-to-ground anti-tank missiles FMS $75 M
4/15/1996 180 Raytheon Hawk surface-to-air missiles, spares DCS $48 M
4/15/1996 21 new Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Falcon aircraft; modifications to current F-16 aircraft FMS $670 M
2/27/1996 134 M-163 Vulcan self-propelled anti-aircraft guns EDA free
2/27/1996 66 M-167A2 Vulcan towed anti-aircraft guns EDA free
2/15/1996 Perry-class guided missile frigate EDA free
1/31/1996 126 M-578 armored recovery vehicles EDA free
11/29/1995 Two Sikorsky UH-60 transport helicopters FMS $42 M
11/7/1995 124 United Defense M-113A2 armored personnel carriers, spares and support FMS $25 M
10/16/1995 Aid making Sharpshooter infantry fighting vehicle DCS ?
10/10/1995 10,000 M-16A1 rifles, 5,000 M-79 grenade launchers EDA free
9/26/1995 30 Raytheon Hawk anti-aircraft missile launchers EDA free
9/6/1995 540 Hughes TOW II anti-tank missile launchers FMS $43 M
7/21/1995 611 armored vehicles, (retransfer from Netherlands) DCS >$50 M
6/7/1995 License for United Defense to help build infantry fighting vehicle prototype DCS ?
5/24/1995 Guided missile frigates Duncan (FFG-10) and Copeland (FFG-25) EDA free
5/16/1995 Four General Dynamics M-1 tank turrets EDA free
4/7/1995 185,100 propellant charges for 203mm artillery; 20mm incendiary ammunition EDA free
3/27/1995 296 United Defense M-113A2 armored personnel carriers, spares, support FMS $36 M
3/8/1995 20 FMC M-577A2 command post armored personnel carriers EDA free
3/8/1995 130 FMC M-901A1 improved TOW vehicles EDA free
11/29/1994 12 McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache attack helicopters; 6 spare General Electric T700 engines; spares and support FMS $318 M
10/7/1994 24 Martin Marietta LANTIRN navigation pods; 24 Martin Marietta Sharpshooter targeting pods; spares and support FMS $196 M
7/26/1994 70 155mm howitzer tubes EDA free
7/26/1994 340 M85 machine guns EDA free
7/25/1994 Honeywell ASROC anti-submarine rocket launcher and trainer; General Dynamics Phalanx anti-missile gun system trainer EDA free
6/23/1994 Overhaul of 2 Knox-class frigates; upgrade of 10 SH-2F helicopters to SH-2G, ammo, and support FMS $380 M
5/31/1994 10 Sh-2F helicopters, spares, and support EDA $6,600,000
5/12/1994 78 M-113A2 armored personnel carriers FMS $15 M
4/12/1994 720 M-239 smoke grenade launchers EDA $293,000
4/11/1994 32 AGM-84 HARPOON anti-ship missiles and 70 Mk-46 torpedoes for two leased Knox-class frigates and related equipment FMS $97 M
3/23/1994 340 M-85 machine guns EDA $1,700,000
3/22/1994 200 M35A2 tactical wheeled vehicles EDA $935,000

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