A Guide for Investigators and Activists

by Lora Lumpe and Jeff Donarski

Contents (Online Version)

*  About this Book
1) Ways and Means
2) Point/Counterpoint
3) Arms Pushing in the Executive Branch
4) Congress' Role
5) The "K Street" Crowd
6) Citizen Activism and the Public Interest Lobby
7) For More Information

This 120 pp. guide for researchers and activists includes chapters on US arms export and military training programs; the roles and methods of the various players (in the executive branch, Congress, industry, and public interest groups); rebuttals to the most commonly heard rationales in support of the lethal trade; grassroots tactics; profiles of successful anti-arms trade campaigns; and tips for obtaining governmental and other documents.

"The Arms Trade Revealed is a single-volume education in the least understood, but arguably most important way that America interacts with the rest of the world. Lumpe and Donarski have written a clear, readable, and fascinating guide to the vast business of manufacturing and exporting armaments, concentrating on the high price that US citizens pay and the many things we can do to influence our lawmakers to stop the arms free-for-all."

-- Neil Gordon, author of The Gunrunner's Daughter (Random House, 1998)
and The Sacrifice of Isaac (Random House, 1996)


"This lively, well-organized analysis provides the most detailed accounting available of how the US government has become the world's #1 arms merchant. Whether you are a peace activist, a journalist, or a policymaker, you must read this book."

-- Bill Hartung, Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute
and author of And Weapons for All (HarpersCollins, 1996)


"At last, the book I've always dreamed of: a comprehensive guide to the U.S. arms trade establishment with all of the vital particulars-names, agencies, laws, loopholes, addresses, documents, phone numbers, and all the rest. It will prove indispensable for anyone who works on arms trade issues."

--Michael Klare, Director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies
at Hampshire College and co-author of
A Scourge of Guns (FAS, 1996)

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