Books and Reports


  "Man-portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)," by James Bevan and Matt Schroeder in Conventional Ammunition in Surplus: A Reference Guide (June 2007).

  "Global efforts to control MANPADS," by Matthew Schroeder in SIPRI Yearbook 2007: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security (June 2007).

   The Small Arms Trade, by Matthew Schroeder, Rachel Stohl & Dan Smith (November 2006).

  "US Security Assistance and Africa," by Matthew Schroeder in Security, Reconstruction and Reconciliation: When the Wars End (2006).

  "Appendix 17A. US export controls," by Matthew Schroeder and Rachel Stohl in SIPRI Yearbook 2005: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security (2005). Summary

  Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Debunking the Myths and Exposing the Risks of Arms Export Reform, edited by Tamar Gabelnick and Rachel Stohl (2003).

  The Arms Trade Revealed, by Lora Lumpe and Jeff Donarski (1998).

  A Scourge of Guns, by Michael Klare and David Andersen (1996).


  Small Arms, Terrorism and the OAS Firearms Convention, by Matthew Schroeder, FAS Occasional Paper No. 1, (March 2004).

   Arming Repression: U.S. Arms Sales to Turkey During the Clinton Administration , by Tamar Gabelnick, William D. Hartung, and Jennifer Washburn, a joint report with the World Policy Institute (October 1999).

   Trip Report: Peace Action Delegation to Chiapas , by Tamar Gabelnick (March 1999).

   Trip Report: Hague Appeal for Peace Conference , by Tamar Gabelnick (May 1999).

  US Policy on Small / Light Arms Exports, by Lora Lumpe, Prepared for American Academy of Arts and Sciences Conference on Controlling Small Arms 11-12 December 1997, Washington, DC.

   Recycled Weapons: American Exports of Surplus Arms 1990-1995 , by Paul F. Pineo and Lora Lumpe (May 1996).

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