Issue No. 17, September 1992
    Table of Contents
    • Congress Should Defer Arms Sales Decisions
    • Sales in Progress
    • Miscellany
    Issue No. 16, July 1992
    Table of Contents
    • Sales in progress
    • F-15 lobby update
    • Notes from some hearings
    • Legislation Passed and Pending
    Issue No. 15, May 1992
    Table of Contents
    • Congress Should Enforce Existing Legislation
    • Sales in progress

    •     Naval eqipment for Korea
          Turkey transfers US-supplied arms to Pakistan without US consent
          US arms industry on international auction block?
          Arms to Taiwan
          $1.8 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia proposed
          Saudi F-15 update
          Major revisions to ITAR proposed
    • Notes from some hearings

    •     Military Aid to Africa
          Pre-Invasion Policies Toward Iraq
          US Arms Sales Policies
          Pre-Invasion Policies Toward Iraq: II
    • Lesiglation Passed and Pending

    •     Russian Aid Contingent on Rocket Sale
          Conversion Bills
          Berman Opposes Air-Show Subsidies
          Military Aid Rescheduled from FY92 Funds
    Issue No. 13-14, March-April 1992
    Table of Contents
    • Sales in progress

    •     Missile Proliferation Sanctions Invoked
          Radars for Turkey Proposed
          F-16 Sale to Turkey Finalized
          Patriot/Hawk Sale to Kuwait
          TOW Missiles to Egypt
          Commercial transfers announced in late April
    • Speeches, letters, etc

    •     HFAC Chair Warns State Department to shape up on arms licensing
          Bi-partisan opposition to Saudi F-15 sale
          Berman opposes "defensive" missiles
    • Notes from some hearings

    •     HFAC Favors Non-Proliferation Fund
              Chemical weapons deproliferation
              Anti-ballistic missile proliferation
          State Responds to Human Rights Criticism
          Cheney Cites Danger of Conventional Weapons Spread
          US Forces in Korea
          Pacific Command
          Central Command
              Urges arms to Pakistan
              No more arms to Iran!
              Arms control in Iraq?
              Urges more arms to Saudi Arabia
              Control freaks
          Army Chief of Staff on Future Threats
              JEC Hearing on Nonproliferation, Part II
              Restraint by US is needed
              Perm Five effort not enough
              State Dept. on export control and arms control successes
              East Europe/Soviet export controls
              New North Korean ballistic missile?
              Commerce Department
              Pentagon's nonapocalyptic threats
          Soviet "Brain Drain" Not Happening
          Bartholemew on Bush Arms Transfer Policy
              HFAC still favors moratorium
              Missiles contentious issue
              Info-sharing procedures
              Sales volume belies success of arms transfer control intiative
              What about a Russian fire sale?
          Iraqi Compliance Record
          CIA Chief Gates Renders Another Threat Assessment
              Residual Iraqi threat
              North Korea
          Foreign Ops. Hearing on Proliferation
              Nuclear Weapons
              Ballistic Missiles
          Third World Nuclear/Missile Threat
              Low-tech delivery more likely ICBM
              MTCR: useful but incomplete
    • Legislation Passed and Pending

    •     Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Regulatory Improvement Act of         1992
          Military Aid to Peru Suspended
          Arms Ban for Burma
          Iran-Iraq Arms Non-Proliferation Act of 1992
    Issue No. 11-12, January-February 1992
    Table of Contents
    • Arms Sales Driving Threat Scenarios
    • Sales in progress

    •     Thailand buys F-16s
          Saudi Patriot sale set to be finalized
          Congress receives "Javits List"
          Chinese sanctions dropped for written MTCR pledge
          Several transfers announced in late February
          Sales policy toward Iran and Syria altered
    • Speeches, letters, etc

    •     Report on Iraqi ceasefire compliance
          Aspin's "Iraq equivalent" formula
          Pressler amendement proliferation
          US companies assisted Iraq with weapons programs
          "Third World Military Power?"
          US arms sales to Mideast
          "Do as we say, not as we do"
    • Notes from some hearings

    •     CIA on the threat
              Nuclear proliferation
              Missile proliferation
              Threat to US
              CBW proliferation
              Iraq still menacing
              Pakistan-India nuclear arms race
          DIA on the threat
          HASC Defense Industrial Base Hearings
          State Department's Human Rights Report Critiqued
              Law being flouted
              State Department biased
              Pressle amendment under assault
          Bartholomew on Russian Arms Control
              Export Controls
              MTCR, NPT and arms sales
          Naval intelligence on the Threat
              Persian Gulf
              Korean Peninsula
              Latin America
              Naval threat
          Baker on Foreign Aid Request
              Arms sales anxieties
              China and the MTCR
              What's up with Jordan?
          Baker on Foreign Aid Request: Part II
              Israeli loan guarantees dominate proceedings
              Russian arms sales
              Military assistance to El Salvador?
    • Legislation Passed and Pending

    •     Emergency Anti-Recession Act of 1992
          The Defense Industrial Stabilization and Community Transition Act
          The Defense Industrial Diversification Act
          The Defense Economic Adjustment Act
          Developing Countries Demilitarization Act of 1992
          Third World Development and Threat Reduction Act of 1992
          International Peace and Security Resolution
          --On Arms Sales to Arab Countries

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