GLOSSARY of Security Assistance and Training Terms

AAP - Antiterrorism Assistance Program
AECA - Arms Control Export Act
CCMR - center for Civil-Military Relations
DLIELC - Defense Language Institute English Language Center
DOD - Department of Defense
DOS - Department of State
DRMI - Defense Management Resource Institute
DSAA - Defense Security Assistance Agency
FAA - Foreign Assistance Act
FID - Foreign Internal Defense
FMF - Foreign Military Financing Program
FMS - Foreign Military Sales Program
GAO - General Accounting Office
ICITAP - International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program
IDAD - Internal Defense and Development
IMET - International Military Education and Training
IMET-E - Expanded International Military Education and Training
IMS - International Military Student(s)
IMSO - International Military Student Officer
INC - International Narcotics Control
IP - Informational Program
JCET - Joint Combined Exchange Training Program
MTT - Mobile Training Team
NAVSCIATTS - Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School
NDU - National Defense University
NPS - Naval Postgraduate School
PfP - Partnership for Peace
PME - Professional Military Education Programs
SATFA - Security Assistance Training Field Activity
SOA - School of the Americas
SOF - Special Operations Forces
TAFT - Technical Assistance Field Team
TRADOC - U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

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