Recommendations on NGO Access to 2001 UN Conference

Recognizing the contribution of NGOs in the small arms issue and the wide scope of expertise NGOs bring to the subject, the Small Arms Working Group (SAWG)* believes that the process and conduct of the 2001 Conference should be open to allow the full weight and range of contributions and voices of civil society to be heard. SAWG believes that NGOs should play an active role in the 2001 Conference and preceding meetings, but recognizes that the role of NGOs should be limited to activities appropriate for members of civil society.

(b) NGOs, not designated as observers, will be granted the right to speak at formal and informal sessions of the conference and prepcoms, at the discretion of the chair.

*The Small Arms Working Group (SAWG) is an alliance of U.S.-based non-governmental organizations working together to promote change in U.S. policies on small arms. SAWG members believe that small arms proliferation must be countered by more responsible policies on legal sales and international cooperation to reduce illicit trafficking.


May 2000