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Action Alerts

This page includes action alerts from the Arms Sales Monitoring Project and its coalition partners (where indicated). 

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Active Alerts:


Old Alerts:

 Help Ensure that the U.S. Military Does Not Train Human Rights Abusers!

 Amend the FY2002 Supplemental Spending Bill

 Tell the U.S. Government that Arms Sales Are Not the Way to Fight Terrorism

 Support the Security and Fair Enforcement in Arms Trafficking Act of 2001

 Support Senate Version of Counter-Narcotics Bill in Conference Committee (LAWG)

  Help Put IMPORT RESTRICTIONS on Conflict Diamonds!

 Speak Out Against the Sale of Attack Helicopters to Turkey!


 Oppose Lifting Restrictions on Arms Sales in Anti-Terrorism Bill

 No Military Aid to Colombia - No Fumigation

 Help Put IMPORT RESTRICTIONS on Conflict Diamonds!