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The Arms Sales Monitoring Project pursues campaigns around specific aspects of the arms trade, and works to highlight the costs of current US arms export practices on the economic interests of the vast majority of American citizens.
MANPADS Proliferation | Terrorists armed with shoulder-fired missiles pose an immediate threat to commericial airliners
Terrorism | Changes to U.S. arms export policy in the aftermath of September 11th
Code of Conduct | A code of conduct would work against arms sales and military aid to dictators and human rights abusers.
Export 'Reform' | New U.S. export reforms and defense globalization may increase conventional arms proliferation.
Small Arms | Small arms and light weapons pose big dangers
Landmines | The legacy of landmines remains for years after the end of a conflict.
Subsidies | American taxpayers foot the bill to support the defense industry.
Offsets | Little known side effects of arms sales that export American jobs overseas.
Ballistic Missiles | Missiles pose the greatest risk of being put to use against the very countries that produce and export them.
Military Training | The United States trains militaries around the world, including abusive armies with poor human rights records.

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