Finishing the Race: Eliminating and Minimizing Fissile Materials and High-Risk Radioactive Sources


On March 30, at the 2016 NGO conference, “Solutions for a Secure Nuclear Future” ( preceding the official Nuclear Security Summit, FAS President Charles D. Ferguson presented on the topic of reducing the risk of high-activity radioactive sources used in acts of terrorism. His thesis focuses on permanent risk reduction through development and deployment of commercially-viable alternative technologies that do not use radioactive sources. A copy of the complete presentation is available here.

“Solutions for a Secure Nuclear Future” took place immediately before 53 world leaders convened in Washington for the governmental 2016 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), the fourth in a series of heads-of-state summits designed to minimize the threat of nuclear terrorism through responsible national actions and sustained international cooperation. As it is the final summit of the series, its outcomes are critical to the future of the global nuclear security system.

2 thoughts on “Finishing the Race: Eliminating and Minimizing Fissile Materials and High-Risk Radioactive Sources

  1. the Science and Technology Era,increases the chances of terrorist to have access of nuclear material. I’m Scientist stayed in Somalia, one of the world most unstable states. for the last two years the Al-Shabab nano-explosive technologies steadily increased from pharmaceutical extracted elements or Quantum computer hips . transforming Gigahertz into giga-volts is emerged. Do the developed scientists have solutions such tech transformations.

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