FAS Roundup – January 22, 2018

By January 22, 2018

In advance of President Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), FAS presents the 2018 NPR Resource with a searchable version of the leaked draft NPR, FAS and other expert analysis, and historical context of past NPRs (Obama, Clinton, Bush).

GOVERNMENT SECRECY PROJECT (Dir. Steven Aftergood)Program Activity

There are brand-new entries in Secrecy News, including a look at how abudget law might “neuter” intelligence oversight:

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In the Press

“The Federation of American Scientists estimates India has 120 to 130 nuclear weapons in its inventory, placing it among the nine countries worldwide known to possess such weapons.” 

Hans Kristensen: “The justification was the threat of a Soviet surprise attack” … The idea was to protect the Air Force’s capacity to respond to a nuclear attack by keeping a certain number of nuclear-armed bombers in the air at all times. 

Steven Aftergood: “I think the real concern is the precedent that is being set … The message [the shutdown-ending provision] sends is that intelligence oversight is optional, not essential, and that we can do without it. But we can’t.” 

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