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The possibility of biological attacks on crops and livestock is often overlooked. The following resources provide more information on this threat.

USDA Office of Crisis Planning & Management

The Agricultural Biological Weapons Threat to the United States, Testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, October 27, 1999

Agriculture Biowarfare and Bioterrorism - FAS

The Role of Disease Surveillance in the Watch for Agro-terrorism or Economic Sabotage - FAS

National Animal Health Association

National Legislation: Bills in Congress related to agroterrorism:

S 1775 - 5 December 2001 "To prevent plant enterprise terrorism"
HR 3293 - 14 November 2001 - To establish a coordinated program of science-based countermeasures to address the threats of agricultural bioterrorism."
HR 2795 - 2 August 2001 "Agroterrorism Prevention Act of 2001"
S 1546 - 15 October 2001 "To provide additional funding to combat bioterrorism"

(A new Senate bill, most likely to incorporate elements of the legislation already introduced, is expected shortly.)



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