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White House Action

In response to concern about leaks of classified information, the White House moved to strictly limit disclosure of classified information to Congress. Under Congressional pressure, the Administration partially relented. New measures to limit disclosure of "sensitive but unclassified" information have been imposed.

Pentagon Action

As early as September 12, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld warned against disclosures of classified information concerning the US response to terrorism. The Pentagon has restricted press access to its employees and urged its contractors to curtail the information they release to the public.

Congressional Action

Congress has admonished Members concerning their solemn obligation to protect classified information and warned that leaks are a sanctionable offense.

Government Web Sites Modified or Removed

A number of government agencies have deleted certain information or, in some cases, removed entire web sites from public access, citing security considerations. In some cases, the withdrawn information appears to have little bearing on the terrorist threat.

FAS Web Site Modified

The Federation of American Scientists has taken offline a number of web pages concerning the location and layout of government facilities in order to review them for their possible sensitivity in the current threat environment.

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