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America's War on Terrorism

Arms Transfers | Information Security | Terrorism and WMD | Strategy and Weaponry

The September 11 attacks have transformed the national security landscape. This resource provides information and analysis to aid in critical analysis of emerging security policy.

Terrorism and WMD
A collection of resources on terrorist use of chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons, from their potential effects to possible responses to their use.
Strategy and Weaponry
Outlines issues that affect the conduct of the war, from the weapons employed, to the political arena in which the conflict takes place.
Weapons in the News

Taliban Weapons - A guide to the equipment used by Taliban forces.

MC-130E - Three soldiers died when this special operations aircraft crashed on takeoff at Gardez, Afghanistan.

BLU-82B Daisy Cutter - This 15,000 pound bomb, the largest in the U.S. arsenal, was used in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan.

B-1B Lancer - The crash of one of these bombers was the first loss of a fixed-wing aircraft during operations against Afghanistan.

JDAM - Attaching this unit to the tail of a conventional gravity bomb allows for precision guidance of an otherwise unguided munition.

Hot Topics
FAS President Testifies on Nuclear Terrorism Threat  
Testimony to Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, March 6, 2002
Patterns of Global Terrorism: 2001  
The annual State Department report on terrorism, published May 2002
Indictment of Zacarias Moussaoui
The first criminal indictment of a suspected al Qaeda member on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism.
Anthrax Resources
Recent exposures to anthrax prompt many questions about this disease. FAS also highly recommends Disease Detectives: American Anthrax, a special feature of the UCLA Department of Epidemiology, and the New England Journal of Medicine site.
Anthrax Analysis
by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg
Information Security
Outlines current government secrecy efforts and other issues related to the public release of potentially sensitive information.
Arms Transfers
A guide to U.S. arms sales policies of the past and present that impact the current conflict.

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