"War on Terrorism" Security Assistance Tables:

1 By law, Indonesia is only eligible for Expanded IMET assistance

2 Military Health Affairs funds

3 The administration has requested $10 million in Anti-Terrorism Assistance to 19 countries identified by the Secretary of State as "...having special significance in terrorist financing." As the cost of constructing an anti-terrorist financing regime is estimated to be $500,000, each of the 19 countries are likely to receive approximately that amount.

4 $1 million in INCLE assistance was requested for Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA) training and improvement of the information sharing arrangements between the Tri-Border Area (TBA - Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). According to the Bush administration, the TBA has become host to several terrorist groups, including the one responsible for the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenas Aires, and has served as a fundraising base for Hizbullah and HAMAS.

5 $500,000 INCLE Funding was requested to provided machine readable passport systems to Panama and Belize

6 The administration requested $10 million in Terrorist Interdiction Program (TIP) funding to be divided among the following countries: Afghanistan, Jordan, Tanzania, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Yemen, Indonesia, Greece, UAE, Kenya and South Africa. The purpose of the TIP is to reduce the terrorist threat by helping countries secure their borders.

7 An unspecified portion of the $2.5 million in INCLE assistance requested for the Caribbean will be used to assess border control and immigration management in Suriname and Jamaica.

8 Funds for Uzbekistan may only be made available if the Secretary of State determines and reports to the Appropriations Committees that Uzbekistan is making "substantial and continuing progress" in meeting its commitments under the Declaration on the Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Framework between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the United States of America.

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