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Usenet Space Resources

The primary forum for discussion of space related topics is sci.space.policy (which is not moderated) and sci.space, sci.space.news, sci.space.science, sci.space.shuttle, and sci.space.tech, which are moderated, but with a far lighter and more subtle hand than sci.military.

Addiitional traffic is seen on alt.sci.planetary which includes some speculative content,sci.aeronautics covering aeronautics generally, astronomy on sci.astro, the Earth Observing System on sci.geo.eos, general geophysics on sci.geo.fluids, meteorology on sci.geo.meteorology, satellite navigation systems such as Navstar on sci.geo.satellite-nav, image processing techniques on sci.image.processing, and general political discussions on talk.politics.space.

Some more speculative discussions are found in alt.conspiracy.area51, alt.alien.research, alt.overlords as well as alt.ufo.reports, and in alt.alien.visitors.

Current wire-service reporting is also found on clari.tw.science, clari.tw.aerospace, and clari.tw.space which may not be available at all sites.

The Usenet Groups are also listed here:

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